22 September 2012

Lush Gorilla Vanillary Perfume review

My favourite scent EVER has to be vanilla. So when I found out LUSH had re-worked their lovely vanillary perfume range, it made me very happy! The range now contains Fair Trade gourmet vanilla beans which are skillfully transformed into their vanilla absolute. I thought the scent was a lot richer,darker than other vanilla perfumes out there; It smells like real vanilla, not the synthetic kind. The scent seems a lot more grown-up, it's very strong when you first apply it but leaves a lovely sweet scent after a few minutes. It has hints of burnt caramel and jasmine - i just want to eat it! Fans of 'snow fairy' will probably like this. I found it lingers on the skin for a while, normally half way through the day I'd top up. The size is perfect for popping it in my handbag. I love that this product also comes in a solid stick, balm, mini spray or bottle. 

RRP £12.50 for the spritzer, if you wanted to test it out first LUSH sell a little sample sized spray for £2.75!

Have you tried any Gorilla perfumes at LUSH?
*pr sample


  1. I brought the dirty one today but in solid form,it smells amazing! I can't put my finger on it but it smells a bit like green tea :o) x

  2. This sounds lovely, I love vanilla scents. I've got a solid ginger scent x

  3. OMG I never knew they did perfumes at Lush! I love that shop, it smells amazing :)
    Thanks for sharing :D xx

  4. I love vanilla also so I think this would be a great scent for me. I like that they do a sample size too, as I would hate to pay full size and then hate the scent. I don't have a lush near me, but next time I go to Wales to see my best mate I will def be getting this, or putting it on my christmas list!

    Click here to get your beauty buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  5. I never seem to find a scent I like from the Lush perfume range. But that may be because of all the scents in Lush shops!! Mixes up my senses xo

  6. I didn't even know Lush made perfumes! And I love Lush!
    Will have to check it out!
    XO Amie

  7. Ooo didn't know they sold perfume samples, definitely going to pick up one of these! x


  8. Vanilla is my fave scent as well, love this perfume! :) xx

  9. Oooh I really want to try this out! I love lush but have never tried any of their perfumes!!


  10. Nice! haven't tried any lush fragrances yet... and I love vanilla too so I need to go in store and have a sniff, me think ;)

  11. UUUUUHHH I gotta check that out, I love vanilla perfumes! I but something similar from Sephora. Gotta check the ones from Lush then.

  12. Oh this sounds amazing!! Vanilla is my favourite smell ever, absolutely love it! Need to get my hands on this :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  13. Hmmmm...I love fragrances so I will definitely try this one out. I love the packaging of this because it is handy. I am curious about the vanilla scent of it since I have never tried vanilla scented fragrances.


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