25 November 2012

what's on my bedside table?

I read a couple of these posts a few months ago and decided things had to change. My bedside table is really just a dumping ground for junk that has no where else to go, so i made it my mission to keep it clutter free & looking nice.

I'm one of those weird people who enjoys taking of their make up so it's been quite nice to add some extra beauty products to my night time routine! The products i have always chop and change so i get better use of things but i'll always have some hand cream, body lotion, facial oil and vaseline to hand!

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Nail & Hand Cream
Dr Organic is a brand sold in Holland & Barrett & I have to say it's one of my favourite skincare brands. This hand cream a very moisturising but not at all greasy. Just what i need to get rid of dry hands & cuticles. I don't really like honey but this smells so goooood!
Aveda Foot Relief
I normally forget about my feet, so having some foot cream on my bedside table reminds me to moisterise before bed. I love this one from Aveda because it has a herbal formula which gently exfoliates and nourishes my feet - perfect after a long day.
Burts Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion
I don't know about you but my skin seems to be a lot drier now winter has arrived. At an attempt to fight off parched skin I've been moistening every night with this body lotion. It has a rich formula without being to heavy and sinks in quickly.
Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate
I don't like to use a facial oil every night as they are quite heavy, i use this once or twice a week to rejuvante my skin. It has a lovely relaxing aroma to it and doesn't feel greasy.
Good old vaseline, This is one of my all time favourite products. I like to use it on my lips to get them super soft and i also apply some to my eyelashes as i find it helps them to grow longer. Someone said on twitter, sorry i forgot your name!, that they use it on their eyebrows to keep them full so i've been doing that lately! 

Ta-da, that's my pre-sleep beauty routine, after that i get my comfy slipper socks, get a cup of tea & catch up with my favourite blogs. lovely :)

What's on your bedside table?
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  1. Your table is so pretty, mines is a mess! x

  2. Your table is so gorgeous and organised, mine is generally a clutter of empty glasses and books!

    lets drive far away

  3. the Liz Earle concentrate sounds lovely... need to check it out!
    I agree, Dr Organic is a fantastic brand... I'm totallya ddicted to the night cream with argan oil! x

  4. Cute post! :) May have to steal this hehe!

  5. Wow!!! You really take good care of your skin. It looks like you have great products on your bedside table. This is a good way of reminding yourself what needs to be done. Great idea.

  6. I wish my bedside table was as tidy! I have the Dr Organic coconut hand cream, which smells gorgeous too! xx

  7. Your bedside table is so gorgeous and well organised. On my bedside table a lamp, an alarm clock, books, and some DVDs... To see my bedside table Please click here


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