14 December 2012

DIY Gift - make your own glossybox

I thought it would be nice this year to do some DIY gift ideas as well as the normal gift guides. Beauty boxes have taken the blogging world by storm this year, instead of giving someone a beauty box for Christmas why not make your own? You can fill it with products you think they'll love or with products that haven't worked for you! I think it's a bit more special is you hand select the products rather than buying ready-made beauty set. I've used an old glossybox and filled it with tissue paper & put 8 beauty products inside. This looks quite nice without wrapping the products or box up. I'm going to tie a Christmas card to the lid and wrap some ribbon around it - easy peasy pamper present.
Will you be making your own beauty box for someone? I love receiving DIY presents!


  1. I've done this sort of thing for my Mum before, I think it's a fab idea!xx

  2. This is what I'm doing this year for my best friend xx

  3. I did this for my Mum's birthday present and she loved it! I lot more personal than buying a gift set :)

  4. I've done this before, very appreciated x

  5. This is a fantastic idea, it's my friends birthday this weekend so I might do this for her!
    Great post :)



  6. this is such a good idea for a gift xx

  7. such a great idea, I'd love to receive this! will be making these up for presents


  8. I really like this idea for a gift, even though I've never done anything like this before. But I really want to now :)


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