5 January 2013

Asos and TK maxx haul

(picture heavy)I think this is my first ever haul, i've done a few beauty hauls before which go down well but never a clothes haul. Hope you've grabbed some bargains in the sales this year, i don't think they've been very good this year; this post might give you some shopping inspiration!

chunky knit pink jumper £14.99 Tk maxx
Jumper with dipped back £12.99 Tk maxx
High waisted Jeans £21.00 ASOS
Grey knit snood £12.00 ASOS
River Island denim jacket with leather sleeves £34.00 ASOS

Hearts & Bows bow tie blouse £17.00 ASOS
Leopard print pumps £9.00

This was my first order from ASOS and the delivery was quite quick. I bought a few ASOS own brand items like the snood and the jeans, the prices were reasonable but i found the quality wasn't that great. I'm in love with the denim jacket! I've been after one for ageeesss. TK maxx has to be my favourite highstreet shop. I like that when you buy something from their it's unlikely that your friends will have the same thing too. That's what puts me off shopping in Primark cause everyone ends up wearing the same coat/top/bag...Saying that, my sister and I bought each other the exact same jumper from TK maxx for each other this Christmas!

Have you bought anything good in the sales? Would you like to see more hauls?

p.s sorry about the poor photo quality, my blog-resoultion this year is to take better photographs!


  1. That's funny that you and your sis bought each other the same jumper! Some of ASOS can be hit and miss. The pumps are cute :)

  2. lovely things like the denim jacket with leather sleeves xx

  3. I love the stripey jumper :) x

  4. So in love with the RI jacket! can imagine that looks so nice on.

    Zoe | zozeze.com

  5. I'm im absolute LOVE with the sweater in the first photograph. Amazing haul!


  6. I love the Hearts & Bows blouse, and I love reading your hauls xx

  7. TK Maxx is great i always find good footwear from there. x


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