18 January 2013


It snowed today and it hardly ever snows in Dorset. There's nothing better than waking up to a blanket of crunchy snow & hearing college is cancelled.  I never write lifestyle posts but snow where i live is kinda exciting(bloody LOVE snow) so here are a few photographs from this morning to share with you all.

I'm now wrapped up at home with the heating on full, in my onesie, sipping some hot chocolate and thinking i really need to invest in a sledge. Did you get snow where you are? 

p.s ok i promise next week i'll get back to beauty posts! Follow me on twitter for annoying updates.


  1. It snowed where we are to and it hasn't snowed properly for 5 years! x

  2. We had some a couple days ago but are supposed to get more this evening/tomorrow, can't wait! x

  3. This makes me so jealous! I live in Australia and it's summer here. The heat is ridiculous!

    But now I'm even more excited about moving to the UK next year!


  4. awww your dog looks so cute, I bet he was loving it. We haven't had any snow which I'm gutted about. x

  5. Awww your dog is the cutest. I liked the snow on the first day but didn't like it afterwards. Glad it has gone though lol! x


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