29 March 2013

my week in paris

1.mobbing Cara delevingne and kate moss at louis vuitton PFW 2. visiting disneyland paris 3. panoramic of the louvre museum 4. love lock bridge 5. my breakfast (and lunch and tea) everyday 6. souvenir tees 7. sephora in paris 8. french soliders at the eiffiel tower 9. another cara pap 10. view from top of the effiel tower. 

About three weeks ago now i spent four days in Paris with some friends from college. I've never been to France before but Paris is just one of those cities you MUST visit. I recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower at night, taking a boat cruise along the river Seine and seeing the Mona Lisa. Above are just a few holidays snaps i wanted to share with you after some of you lovely lot said you wanted to see them! Paris is a very beautiful city but if you are travelling by metro be warned- it bloody stinks.

Have you been to Paris before? x

27 March 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful for OPI - review

OPI do some cracking collaborations. The newest edition is the 'Oz the Great and Powerful' range(out this month). I love the Wizard of Oz it's such a classic film, yet to see the new one but it looks good! The colours are all quite soft & sheer, a nice change from bold shades and perfect for spring.

'Don't Burst my Bubble'(left) is a sheer soft pink shade. One coat doesn't really leave much, you definitely need 2-3 coats for this one. The colour is a lovely natural, delicate pink and it has a gel like texture to it.

'Lights of Emerald City' is a glitter polish with large white square chunks and smaller iridescent squares in a clear base. This top coat would look great with any nail varnish and i'm really impressed with how long it's lasted on me(6 days!) Is it really weird that I think this would be a good nail varnish for a bride?

If you're into your softer nail varnish shades you'll love this new collection. There are 7 shades in total ranging from glitters to liquid sand.  You can purchase the collection online here. Retail price £11.50 or try the mini collection for £13.95!

Witch(pun intended)shade from the OZ collection is your favourite? I love the look of 'When Monkeys Fly'!

*pr samples

24 March 2013

HELP! I don't know what to blog about? Tips on getting your mojo back.

Hello lovelies :) We've all been through it. There comes a time when most of us lose our blogging mojo. It can happen out of the blue, one month your happily posting, filling the pages of your blog with tons of content then whoops you lost it - just like that. Let me guess, your not a full-time blogger. If like me, blogging is just a hobby of yours. It can be hard to find the time to post let alone what to post about. But do not worry, I've written some tips on how to get your blogging mojo back and some ideas to get inspired by.

If you've become bored of your usual posts i've come up with a few blog post ideas for inspiration. I found it helps looking through magazines and seeing what they write about. Looking at the top posts on sites like Bloglovin and Hellocotton can also give you ideas on what to write about too.

How to/tutorial posts
I love reading tutorials and learning how to create new looks. Think what you could post about, hair,nails, skincare,make up... Some ideas could include How to get bigger hair, how to make teeth whiter, how to fake tan, celebrity inspired make up tutorials, on-trend nail art looks etc...

Skincare post ideas
  • Anit-ageing skincare
  • Smooth skin(hair removal products/techniques)
  • What sun protection should you be wearing?
  • How to prepare skin for summer
  • Natural/organic skincare products
  • How to disguise beauty problems ( dark circles, spots, wrinkles, dull skin, dry skin)
  • Favourite hand and nail products(manicure routine)
  • Skincare products for different age groups
  • Night time beauty tips (what products do you recommend?)
  • Super foods for your skin
  • Do beauty supplements really work?
  • DIY beauty( face mask, body scrub recipe)
  • What's your pamper routine (create a home spa)
Make up post ideas
  • Festival make up looks
  • Gym make up tips and products
  • Spring/Summer beauty trends
  • Holiday beauty products (beach make up)
  • Brands that don't test on animals
  • Party make up looks
  • Celebrity inspired tutorial
  • Top three favourites (concealers, foundation, lipsticks etc...)
Other beauty post ideas
  • Share your beauty story ( what got you into beauty products?)
  • Iconic beauty products
  • Products that didn't live up to the hype
  • Blog photography tips and tricks
  • Do you work in the beauty industry? Share your story
  • Your mum's/nan's favourite beauty products
  • Male grooming
  • Favourite oral care products
  • Your top beauty appliances
  • What products to buy if your on a budget
  • Beauty trends from abroad

If you really just can't be arsed to blog then the best thing to do is take a break. Plan a day out with friends, visit relatives, go shopping...do anything! A month or two away will be good for you, you'll come back refreshed and feeling (hopefully) happier about blogging.

It's easy to think why bother blogging when no one reads it anyway. Maybe your page stats are down or no one's been commenting lately. Think of ways to get people reading again and to introduce new followers. Maybe comment on posts you enjoy reading, join in with the weekly #bbloggers chat on twitter or take a look at my post on 'how to have a successful blog.' Also, ask your readers what they enjoy reading or would like to see more of.

Or why not change things up a bit, if you normally blog about beauty products why not post your favourite cake recipe or if you normally blog about fashion chuck in some lifestyle posts. Why not, it's your blog!

Share some of your favourite blog posts from the month, dedicate a  post to your favourite blogger(they'll be chuffed!) or re-post some of your old posts as chances are your newest followers haven't read them before!

I follow around 60+ blogs, if all of them posted frequently i'd miss out on loads of posts as i just wouldn't have the time to read them all! At the end of the day you shouldn't have to feel guilty or pressure for not blogging or taking a break. What makes a great blog isn't how often the person posts but the quality of the ones they do.
Seriously, don't worry about it and keep up the good work - whenever the hell you feel like it :)

What are your tips for getting your blogging mojo back? If you found this helpful, use the widget below to share it with fellow bloggers!

17 March 2013

highstreet favourites ❤

Since my first encounter with make up at 12 it's been an (expensive) obsession ever since. The days of miss sporty and 2true are behind me but i still LOVE highstreet brands. About 95% of my make up collection is drugstore. I own the odd highend foundation/mascara but i just can't justify the ridiculous prices; £36 for a lipstick?! Eerrr no thanks Tom Ford. I've answered the 'I heart highsreet makeup' tag questions below, i forgot how much i love the highstreet!
1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand overall?
It was between Revlon and Rimmel but Revlon just beat them to it. I pretty much love everything I've tried from Revlon. They're always launching interesting new products and are quite affordable and easily available. 
2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?
My favourite face product has to be Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer, if you haven't tried this yet - you need to. For cheeks it's another Collection product, this time it's their Shimmer Shade. It consists of four different shades which you can use separately or swirl them altogether. Lip-wise i'm really loving Kate Moss's collection for Rimmel. Really lovely shades, creamy formulas and affordable prices.
3. Least favourite product?
Hhmm, this is a tricky one. I'm gonna have to say it is the GOSH lip jam which is a lip gloss. Sounds nice but it's so sticky it's unwearable!
4. What is the best makeup bargain?
I really like the Barry M nail polishes which are a bargain! They retail for just £2.99 and come in so many colours.
5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
I don't hear a lot about Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer but it's great. Not to thick, great for dark circles. (after writing this about 5 reviews popped up on my feed!)
6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
The price of most drugstore products seem to of increased lately. When I first bought Revlon Colourstay foundation it was £7.99, it's now gone up to £12.49 :(
7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)
Here's a post for Asda's dupe of Essie Mint Candy Apple. I also have Collection's Illuminating concealer wish is suppose to be a good dupe for YSL Touche Eclat. 
8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
I wasn't very impressed with Revlon's Photoready Airbrush Mousse. It was hard to dispense, felt watery and smelt like vinegar. 

God, I love highstreet make up. There are some exciting products being launched this year from Rimmel, Maybelline and Seventeen - can't wait to share them with you! Do you agree with some of my choices, are you more high street than high end too?

*Hi there Rachel L :)

13 March 2013

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Review

My Blonde hair and I have been together for four years now. Going from Brunette to blonde can be a tricky process. You have to change the products you use, adjust your make up and keep your dark roots at bay! Luckily, brands like John Frieda create specific products that help us out a lot with our haircare.

I've used Shampoo and conditioner targeted towards blondes before but never delved into the Sheer Blonde range by John Frieda. My blonde hair has been looking a bit dull lately so when i was offered the chance to test the range it was a hell yes from me. 

I've been using the products for three weeks now to let you know what i think! I like the tube packaging John Frieda uses for it's shampoo & conditioners - less wastage. The range smells....good. God i'm SO bad at describing smells! They say the products contains jojoba oil, sunflower and white tea; so i guess that's what they smell like, it's nice! After my first use I noticed straight away by hair looked a lot brighter. My hair also felt smoother and hydrated. It seems to leave your hair straight too.

John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde products aren't going to perform miracles, they will not colour your hair but enhance the blonde tones slightly and stop it from looking dull/brassy. If you've coloured your hair blonde and want to keep it as blonde as it was when you first dyed it, check out the Sheer Blonde range. 

The John Frieda Sheer Blonde range is currently on offer for £5.00 each or two for £8.00 at Boots. For more information about the Sheer Blonde range click here.

Hope you found this review helpful, do you struggle with keeping your blonde locks blonde?

10 March 2013

spring/summer nail trends 2013

A new season is always bad news for our banks. New product launches reflect's what looks have been created on the catwalk and every brand brings out new,exciting products to tempt us with. I love seeing what trends come out as it gives me new looks to try out!
This Spring/Summer is all about the 'Mannequin  Manicure'. To create this look you'll need a flesh toned polish that is similar to the undertones in your skin so your nails blend with your skin creating that shop dummy look. This trend makes your nails look really elegant and it's great if you've got short fingers as it elongates them!

But Ultimately, a trend is;n. tendency, a current style or fashion and you don't have to follow them. Wear what makes you feel good regardless of what magazines, brands,celebrities are saying. I will be adapting this trend to suit me as pale nude varnishes can make my already pale hands look a bit dead. I'll warm my skintone up by wearing corally nude shades, 'trendadapting' if you will.(i just made that word up)

Above: No7 So simple, Mavala Vanilla(wearing), No7 Practically Perfect.

Will you be going nude on your nails?

*You'll probably know if you follow me on twitter I've been away this week in Paris - it was so much fun! I went away with college for four days and got back this Thursday. I managed to climb to the top of the effiel tower, mobbed cara delevingne, saw the mona lisa, spotted kate moss at Louis Vuitton, meet some nice french soliders, went on a ghost tour, visited Disneyland and ate too many pain au chocolates. It was my first time in Paris & I would really recommend it. Let me know if you want me to post my holiday photo's on here, i don't know if thats weird or not! I've already posted a few here on twitter. Have a good week :)*

8 March 2013

LUSH does Mother's Day

If you read my last post you'll know it's Mother's Day this Sunday in the UK. I hope you've got your prezzie all sorted but fear not if you haven't, I have some lovely products from LUSH to show you!
These cute little creatitions are re-usable bubble bars. LUSH has bought out three special ones just for Mother's Day. They come on sticks so you can swish them in the bath tub to create as many bubbles as you fancy. You can then place them on the side to dry so can use it again.
First up is Madame Butterfly which a pretty pink rose scented butterfly. It has a hint of lemon and Egyptian geranium oil to help balance the skin, whilst the cocoa and shea butters will leave mum feeling smooth and soft. It's also suitable for vegans, yay!

 This bubble bar is called chrysantheMUM, it is a yellow flower with an uplifting scent of orange, lime and juniper berries. If your mum(or you) likes the smell of freshly mown grass she will love this!

Mum's Bubble Bars retail for £5.25 and last for up to six baths. You can buy them online here or at LUSH shops. 
*pr samples

1 March 2013

Mother's day handmade gift idea under £5

It feels like Mother's Day came round really quickly this year! I don't know about you but I always struggle to think of interesting, cool gifts to give my mum. If flowers or chocolates just aren't special enough for your mum this year don't worry, I've got your back. 
If you get your unhealthy beauty obsession from your mama she's going to love a pack of natural, handmade Moonies. Go on, she deserves some pampering. 
For the first time EVER Moonies are going on sale. A pack of 3 Moonies are now on offer for just £5.99 £4.99. We also have some cute handmade Neil keyrings on sale for only £2.99 £1.99. Offer ends Thursday 7 March so be quick!
Each Moonie is lovingly handmade with natural, un-bleached muslin. Only the best for your mum. 
If you have no idea what a Moonie is click here to find out more.
Visit our online shop here to grab your Mother's Day special offer before they all go! You can read what our  smashing customer's had to say about their Moonies here.  

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day this year :)

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