13 March 2013

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Review

My Blonde hair and I have been together for four years now. Going from Brunette to blonde can be a tricky process. You have to change the products you use, adjust your make up and keep your dark roots at bay! Luckily, brands like John Frieda create specific products that help us out a lot with our haircare.

I've used Shampoo and conditioner targeted towards blondes before but never delved into the Sheer Blonde range by John Frieda. My blonde hair has been looking a bit dull lately so when i was offered the chance to test the range it was a hell yes from me. 

I've been using the products for three weeks now to let you know what i think! I like the tube packaging John Frieda uses for it's shampoo & conditioners - less wastage. The range smells....good. God i'm SO bad at describing smells! They say the products contains jojoba oil, sunflower and white tea; so i guess that's what they smell like, it's nice! After my first use I noticed straight away by hair looked a lot brighter. My hair also felt smoother and hydrated. It seems to leave your hair straight too.

John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde products aren't going to perform miracles, they will not colour your hair but enhance the blonde tones slightly and stop it from looking dull/brassy. If you've coloured your hair blonde and want to keep it as blonde as it was when you first dyed it, check out the Sheer Blonde range. 

The John Frieda Sheer Blonde range is currently on offer for £5.00 each or two for £8.00 at Boots. For more information about the Sheer Blonde range click here.

Hope you found this review helpful, do you struggle with keeping your blonde locks blonde?


  1. i love john frieda shampoos and conditioners, they always make my hair feel so soft and look really glossy.

    Iv tagged you to do the beauty don'ts that i do tag, i would love it if you would do it xxx


    1. Thanks for tagging me :) will take a look! x

  2. I'm naturally blonde- lighter at the front and darker at the back. I really like John Frieda products, they make the blondest bits really shine! I used to use them all the time as a teenager and I've rediscovered them recently.

  3. I actually had my black hair dyes blonde a year ago, and it turned really dry and lighter in terms of volume. It looks great in pictures, but not as great in person. I've tried a few conditioning products for treated hair, but so far they've done very minimal repairs. I will either have to try this out, or cut all of it off and have it grow back.

  4. I didnt even no you could get products which did this. Only just gone back to my natural brunette colour and miss being blonde already! xx

  5. I have always wanted to be blonde but unfortunately I dont think this hair color would fit into my skin complexion.

    beauty products

  6. Your hair looks great in the picture, do you have any tips for cool hairstyle (but not to out there!) for school/uni ??


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