1 April 2013

my march favourites

Is it really April already? 2013 seems to of flown by this year. I don't do monthly favourites very often because i don't normally find products that are favourite worthy! March has been quite a cold month in the UK so my favs reflect this poopy weather, hurry up summer!

Topshop 'K' motif jumper £32.00 LINK
This jumper was clearly made for me so it would have just been plain rude not to buy it. It really chunky textured knit jumper and it's cropped so you could still wear it in the summer over a dress or high waisted shorts.
MUA Undress me too £4.00
I was a big fan of the original palette so i couldn't wait to try the second version. MUA didn't let me down, i have a full review with swatches coming up soon.
OPI 'Don't Burst my Bubble'* £13.50
I'm so used to wearing really bright colours on my nails but this shade converted me. It's a sheer, delicate pink which is really wearable and perfect for spring. Check out my full review and swatches here
Revlon Lip Butters £7.99
Since doing my 'highstreet favourites tag' i have re-fallen in love with lip butters. I do love a matte lip but they are a lot of effort. I go for these lip butters if my lips are a bit dry or if i'm in a rush and i don't have time for the whole lipscrub/vaseline/lipline/lipbrush scenario. 
Chapstick Shimmer in Tropical* £1.99
My lips and skin has been soooo bliming dry this month. This new lip balm from chapstick has been a handbag essential this month. It smells like pina colada, what more could you ask for? 

Currently sat on the floor watching Lisa Eldridge's latest youtube video with my dog snoring next to me(i'll tweet a picture of him here!). Hope you've had a good Easter weekend, i don't really celebrate Easter. Does stuffing your face with chocolate and hot cross buns count? This cold weather has driven me to desperation so me and a few friends have booked a little holiday to Ibiza this month! I'll make sure i show you some holiday snaps when i get back :) x

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  1. The darkest lip butter looks absolutely gorgeous x

  2. Ahh Im desperate to get the Undress Me Too palette, looking forward to your review! x

  3. Love the look of the lip butters :) I really like them for a quick pop of colour too.i really liked the first mua pallette definitely going to check out the new one :)
    & scoffing chocolate was exactly how I spent my Easter too haha xx

  4. i loooove the lip butters!x


  5. Lovely picks! I love the palette looks like a lovely array of shades.

    Emma x

  6. Really? Lip butters can be used if you have a dry lips? Then, I must try it! I've been really frustrated in having a dry lips, applying lip moisturizers or lip balms can have a short term effect, but still it isn't enough for the whole day. I should buy one of these, I hope that it would be effective, though.

  7. I've yet to find a lip butter color that looks good on my complexion! I will keep trying though. I'm determined to find my fit!



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