23 May 2013

5 different hair problems solved!

Whether they admit it or not, people care about their hair. I have been testing out a lot of different haircare products recently and I wanted to share with you my thoughts. My hair type is coloured blonde, quite thick and prone to dry ends. It dries naturally with a bit of wave to it and can get knotty after washing it. Below are five different hair products aimed to help hairy problems such as dryness, dullness and frizz. I do try to take care of my locks and I love seeing what new trends/styles come around each season.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Perfecting Creme £5.49 (link) Best for: Frizzy hair
It's not very often products give instant results but this really does. The product itself has a thick creamy consistency which is easy to distribute throughout your hair. I've been using this on my dry hair, applying it to my frizzy ends. It definitely helps to reduce frizz and adds moisture. If you run your fingers through your hair after applying it you can slightly notice it but it doesn't leave hair stiff or sticky.

Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner £4.99 (link) Best for: Dullness and dry hair
Oh sweet jesus this smells amazing. Seriously, give this a cheeky sniff next time your in Boots. I love using hair masks because my hair tends to get quite dry. I found this made my hair a lot softer and made it easier to brush through. It wasn't heavy and left no residue like others do, however i wouldn't say it left my hair very shiny. The smell lingers all on on your hair all day and the squeezable bottle makes it quick and easy to use - i just wish my hair had more shine to it!

Macadamia Control Spray £17.45* (link) Best for: Taming fly-aways
One thing that really puts me off hairspray is the strong chemical smell that you can almost taste. This hairspray actually smells quite nice! I've been using it to set my loose curls and to keep my top knot in place and I love how lightweight it feels. Some hairsprays can make your hair feel stiff and sticky but this sprays out a fine mist and is easy to brush out. I also really like that the spray has UV protection so your hair is protected from the sun. The only downside to this product is the hefty price tag. You do get a lot for your money, the massive 300ml bottle is going to last a good few months but it's still quite pricey and I don't think I could afford to repurchase this. But i'll be keeping an eye out for Macadamia in TK Maxx!

YUKO London Lock in colour shampoo and treatment £12.50 each* (link)Best for: Dyed/highlighted locks
This is a Japanese haircare brand, I don't normally try luxury haircare brands so I was intrigued to try these out. I found the shampoo lathered up well and whilst rinsing it out my hair instantly felt softer and smoother. The treatment was quite thick which suited my thick hair and left it moisterised. I also noticed, once dry, my bleached hair looked brighter and kepted it from turning brassy. I enjoy using these products but they are too pricey for me - they would be a nice treat!

V05 Instant Oomph Powder £4.07 (link) Best for: flat hair
Since getting this a few months ago I've had such a love/hate relationship. On my first use I wanted to wash it out immediately. But, I learnt my lesson and second time round I shook the product before use and didn't apply as much. Instantly my roots were lifted with a matte, textured look. My hair didn't stay lifted all day but a quick ruffle with my fingers gave it some extra oomph. 

What products do you go to save BHDs? I'm currently debating whether to chop my mid-length hair and go for a bob?! I've gone a bit pin crazy lately with hair-spiration pictures on pinterest - are you addicted too?
*pr samples


  1. I do love Aussie products, especially their 3 minute miracle for frizzy hair! I've been impressed with John Frieda but their curl reviver mousse made my hair very greasy so I'm a bit weary!
    This is a really useful post though, thank you,
    Charlotte :) xx


    1. can't go wrong with a bit of Aussie! Glad you found the post helpful :)xx

  2. A new hair style is always nice :)
    Oh, I LOVE Aussie products, and the 3 Minute was nice when I tried it but not enough for my overly thick curly hair, but the smell is so nice.


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