11 May 2013

dry shampoo - just for lazy girls or a life saver?

What's the longest you've gone without washing your hair? I've managed 4 days before and it wasn't that bad...Don't get me wrong, i love the feeling of freshly washed hair - but it's good to give your hair a break from styling products and let your natural hair oils do there thing.

I know some of my friends say they need to wash their hair everyday(who has the time?!). I must confess, I'm not one that kind girl. I think dry shampoo is one of the best beauty inventions, after concealer obvs. A quarter of all British women use dry shampoo and it's been around since the Victorian times. Dry shampoo isn't just for those lazy girls moments when you want an extra 20 minutes in bed; they are now seen as an essential styling product. I use mine to disguise roots or too add a little extra oomph.

Some people see dry shampoo as a life saver, where as others will turn their nose up at it. With DS accounting for 3% of shampoo launches last year and the rise of dry conditioner (no,really!) i think it is here to stay. Plus anything that gives you an extra half hour in bed is always a good thing.
Best Volume
John Frieda's newest collection is target towards fine hair. I found this did help to add volume however, the fine powder did leave a gritty texture in my hair.
Best for Blondes 
My favourite brand of dry shampoo has to be Batiste. This one has a yellow tint to match blonde hair. I find this soaks up the most without having to spray a lot.

Best Scent
So...? are more well known for their fragrences but they recently launched a range of dry shampoo. This one is Floral & Flirty which leaves your hair smelling florally. I found you do have to use quite a lot compared to other brands but this is a good budget buy.

Are you a lover or hater of dry shampoo? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love dry shampoo! I wash my hair every other day and use a batisse one in between :) it defo gives me lot of volume and makes sure I'm not looking greasy x


    1. I've just nominated you for the Liebster award :) x


  2. The Batiste is my favourite too :) Especially the blonde one
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. If I don't wash my hair every other day it's just horrible and dry shampoo just doesn't help, but it's great for the Inbetween days! I use Girlz Only at the moment xx

  4. I love dry shampoo! I have (coloured) red hair so I need to resist washing it every other day like normal. I have only ever used Batiste which is awful and grey on my red hair, but I've heard the Schwartzkopf one is pretty good so I think I'll give that a go! :)



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