29 July 2013

new nail art craze - cuticle tattoos

Nail art not for your nails? Cuticle art is the next new thing in the intricate world of nail art. I first spotted it here  and knew straight away i wanted to give the look a go. It's so different, i've never seen anything like it before! I found some temporary tattoos from a SkinArt, you can pick them up from Boots, they do a wide range of designs(check them out here). I went for a little love heart and placed it just above my nail. I think it looks quite cool and subtle, however it's a shame they aren't very practical as they don't last long after washing your hands.

Finger nail art kinda reminds me of when i was at school and you would draw tattoos on your hands but i like it! I also tried it on my knuckle cara delevingne style. I think these would look really cool on fingers at a festival. If you wanted to give this a go try to find small, simple temporary tattoos.

What do you think? Will this craze be a one time wonder like feather hair extensions or do you think finger nail art is here to stay? Keep an eye out for celebs cottoning onto this trend!

July Obessions

Must Read Blog Post of the Month - I've been really into DIY posts this month (two coming up on the blog soon!) I loved this DIY featherprint tutorial Gwen did on her blog, will definitely be giving this a go!
Must Watch Youtube Video of the Month - The latest craze in the world of beauty is 'Face Yoga'. Yep, you heard right, yoga for your face. Into The Gloss uploaded this video on youtube, give it a go!
Song of the Month - I've been a little bit a lot obsessed with Jake Bugg for over a year now & I love his latest single 'Broken'. If you've not heard of him you must check him out, he's 19 from Nottingham & sings folk/country style music, listen to 'Two Fingers' will your there.
Most Re-pinned on Pinterest this Month - This picture of actress Anna Sophia Robb was pinned onto my 'Hair' board becasue i'm chucking round the idea of chopping my locks off. I love how effort-less but still put together she looks & you guys seem to as well!
Most Read Post this Month - In the UK it has been scorching & it's not normally like that in the Summer! However, it's raining as I type this(typical). '9 Picks that get me reading for a sweating, scorching summer' received the most page views this month.
Added to the wishlist this Month - The new Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils look amazing, I've tested them out instore and they feel really creamy & long lasting. I much prefer these to the new Max Factor Wild ones and the Revlon eyeshadow pencils.
Favourite Food this Month - Cadbury's have launched two new flavours in the UK this summer. I've tried both, Strawberries & Cream and Oreo - LOVE them! Someone stop me eating chocolate please.

What have you been loving this month? :) 

26 July 2013

sun-up to sundown beauty products

A selection of summer beauty products on the blog today to help you all day long - perfect timing with this
heat wave we are having in the UK at the minute! Last week i received the coolest package from Pegasus Pr(above). They kindly sent me some summery products along with a cute beach bag & towel, will definitely be using them this summer! Keep reading for some new summer favourites to add to your wishlist...

Mudd Original Face Mask £1.00
It's just as important to keep up your skincare routine in the summer. The humid weather can leave skin sweaty and oily. For a deep pore cleansing treatment try a Mudd face mask which is specially formulated with minerlas to help absorb excess oil; helping to control oily outbreaks and blackheads. I love that you can buy Mudd masks in single sachets(£1.00) as well as 5 application packs (£3.05) and 10 application packs (£5.10).

Sun-In Gentle Spray with Lemon £5.56
I'm sure you've heard of Sun-In before but did you know Sun-In sprays are heat activated so you can either use sunlight OR a hair dryer to activate it, creating a fuss-free sun-kissed glow all year round. I tested this out this week and it really easy to use - just spray and go!

Corn Silk Original Satin £7.40
You can avoid shiny skin in the summer with a translucent powder. Corn Silk has been loved by women since the 60's. The natural walnut formula won't clog pores, shame about the old lady smell it has! This comes in a study compact with mirror & sponge for touch ups on the go.

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Body Butter £9.29
My love for Dr.Organic just keeps growing. Finally an affordable natural skincare range with prices from £2.49-£14.99. Aloe Vera is known for it's soothing and refreshing properties, making this body butter perfect for sun burned skin. Who knew aftersun could be this luxurious?

Hand gel - summers life saver. Pop this dinky 50ml bottle in your handbag for impromptu picnis, festival loos or camping holidays. The new Passion Flower & Mango scented hand gel from Cuticura smells great + keeps the germs away!

MiaFlora Moroccan Argan Oil £12.99
Unlike some, i love an oily skincare product. I've been using this for a mini spa-esque massage each night to re-hydrate my sun parched skin. A few drops of this on the tips of my hair helps to combat frizz, but use sparingly!

What are your summer beauty savers? 

24 July 2013

summer nail trends 2013: orange nails

If the 'mannequin manicure' s/s 2013 nail trend isn't for you, then you'll be happy to hear orange nails are the shade of the season. Hot orange nails scream pool parties, beach sunsets, BBQ's, hot nights, pina coladas and look great against tanned skin. This summer, beauty brands from Collection to Essie have launched an array of oranges to a-peel(sorry) to your tastes!

(L-R)George Quick Dry Nail Varnish in 'Sunset Orange'. Orange doesn't have to be  scary, if you prefer your nails to look more subtle opt for a pastel orange like this one from Asda, they have a great range of shades & don't cost the earth. Revlon 'Make Mine Mango' is a similar light shade.
MyFace Lil Bling Polish in 'Tequila Sunrise' -if you fancy something a bit different why not try a metallic orange?  Opi Goin' Ape-ricot is another metallic orange you should check out.
Next, a classic orange from Rimmel in 'Tangerine Queen'. Wear this one on your fingernails to enchance your tan! Nails Inc Porchester Place is another great zesty polish.
If you remember last year, ELLE were giving away free Mavala nail varnishes & this is one of them. This creamy red-orange shade looks great emblazoned on nails, i'll be wearing it on my toes all summer! I've heard so many good things about the Barry M Summer Gelly paints; 'Passionfruit' is a good dupe if you don't have the ELLE polish. 
Max Factor Mini nail polish in 'Deep Coral'   is a fire-bright red orange which looks even better with matching lipstick. Essie 'Sunday Funday' is described as a 'Tangerine coral crush shimmer' & looks really similar to the Max Factor shade! Out of the five above, i think the last two creamy red-orange shades are my favourites!

Will you be wearing the zesty orange nail trend this summer? What sandal-worthy nail varnish will you be going for? :) x

23 July 2013

my summer road trip soundtrack

source: weheartit
I've been driving for nearly two years now & what I love about it the most is the music. The right song coming on the radio can completely change your day. A recent THINK! survey suggested that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep or tiredness related. Listening to music whilst driving can help to stay alert and focused on the road.  Below is my ultimate summer driving playlist, perfect for last minute road trips, on the way to the beach, festival journeys or just on the way to see a friend! 

Jake Bugg Two Fingers
Arctic Monkeys R U Mine
Kaiser Chiefs The Angry Mob
Feeder Buck Rogers
Mystery Jets Two Doors Down
Jet Are You Gonna be my Girl?
Dj Fresh Gold Dust (reminds me of my first silent disco!)
Black Eyed Peas Good Feeling
Foo Fighters The Pretender

22 July 2013

Blogger Spotlight: Ramblings of a Beauty Bird

Ramblings of a Beauty Bird is a beauty blog filled to the brim with make up and skincare with a nod towards fashion. This month I interviewed 26 year old Sasha on double cleansing and how she's coping in this heatwave we are having!

What made you start blogging?
I started blogging so I could indulge in my love of all things beautilicious! I wanted to have my own little corner of the internet so I could share my honest opinions on beauty products with others - if I've helped just one person make a decision about a product I've reviewed on my blog, that's a pretty great achievement for me! I also just love writing in general - English was always my favourite subject at school.

Highstreet or highend make up?
A bit of both! I tend to splurge a bit more on primer, foundation and powder - basically anything that I apply all over my face! This is because I'm quite fussy about ingredients that could block my pores, so I tend to go for mineral options, which seem to be more expensive. I always go for high street nail varnish as I can't bring myself to spend more than £10.00 on a single nail varnish, but with everything else I'm a bit of a mixture. 

What beauty products are you loving this summer?
Because of the crazily hot weather recently I've gone back to basics. I've been loving Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer to refresh and hydrate my face through the day and Maybelline Baby Lips to keep my lips hydrated, plus it contains SPF 20. I've been keeping shine at bay with Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets, which I highly recommend. I'm also loving summery nails - Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection and Essie Bottle Service from the new 2013 Neon Collection are gorgeous!

Best beauty tip you've heard?
For skincare, I'd definitely say double cleansing - the first cleanse removes dirt and makeup, so the second cleanse really gets into your pores. For makeup, one of my favourites is to apply a brightening eye cream or primer (I use Benefit That Gal) before applying concealer.

Top three blogs we should be reading?
Ooh that's really hard! But three blogs I love and read regularly are Makeup Pixi3 (http://makeup-pixi3.com/), We Were Raised by Werewolves (http://wewereraisedbywolves.blogspot.co.uk/) and A Scottish Lass (http://ascottishlass.net/).

Thank you to the lovely Sasha for taking part in this months Blogger Spotlight! Make sure you have a little look at her blog, I love reading her posts! x

17 July 2013

Say bye bye to hayfever with these beauty back ups

Hayfever is so bloody annoying. Itchy eyes? Check. Runny nose? Check. Smudged eye make up? Check. I know just how frustrating it can be and how much it affects your day. Fear no more, here are some life-saving(no exaggeration) beauty products which offer hayfever sufferers some extra aid this season. Now these products won't completely cure your hayfever but they do help ease symptoms. So put that tissue down and read on for some hayfever helpers!
Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion £10.75
When eyes become irritated and puffy from hayfever this product really does work wonders. Just pour some onto a cotton pad and hold over your eyes for a few minutes. I keep this in the fridge for a refreshing & soothing eye lotion. 
Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make Up Fixer £5.99
So you're covered in the eye make up department with a waterproof mascara; but how to you keep the rest of your make up in place when your eyes are watering? This spray mist helps to keep make up in place and stops foundation going patchy or fading. This spray feels weightless on the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. 
New Look Sunglasses
Wearing sunglasses with a large frame or ones that wrap around helps protect eyes from pesky pollen!
Glo Minerals Water Resistant Mascara* £16.00
This mascara from Glo Minerals resists water as it is predominately oil based. I find this easier to remove then water-proof mascaras. The good thing about this formula is that it's quick drying. If you have hayfever  you'll know how annoying it is when you apply your mascara then suffer a sneezing attack - not a good look. 
Simple Eye Roll-on £4.99
If you eye bags are big enough to qualify for extra baggage allowance, you might want to give this a go! You can read my full review of this here
Moonie Face Cloth £5.99 (for three)
An unlikely hayfever helper you might think but this tip is really useful! To de-puff under eye bags, soak your Moonie in water and gently rinse out. Smooth the Moonie back into it's original shape and lay it flat in the freezer for 20 minutes. Remove from the freezer and lightly press under your eyes for 30 seconds. Ta-da! No more puffy eyes.
No7 Stay perfect Mascara £12.95
This is the newest mascara from No7, it stays put all day and it really is waterproof. Unlike other mascara's you can only remove this with warm water! This is my current go-to mascara as hayfever keeps making my eyes water like crazy - cue awkward 'No, I'm not crying I promise' response. This is also hypo-allergenic so perfect if your eyes are a bit sensitive. 
Jurlique Rose Love Balm* £10.00
This natural salve helps to soften and protect skin. I use this multi-purpose balm around my nose to block pollen from getting up there! It has a light rose scent and comes in a compact tin which is handy for popping in your handbag. 
Ok, time for the serious stuff. You can purchase plenty of hayfever products from your local chemist, Boots, Superdrug or supermarket. Depending on what you prefer you can take tablets, nasal sprays or eye drops/sprays. Above are some that I use but everyone is different. If you are suffering really badly & nothing seems to be working, visiting you doctor. They may be able to prescribe you something stronger or give you an allergy test. 

Hope this hayfever posts helps you! If you have any hayfever tips or products that help you let me know in the comments :) x

14 July 2013

NEW: blog post request form

AlĂ­vio Imediato | via Tumblr
source: weheartit

Hello! Hope you're all enjoying this sunny spell we're having in the UK at the minute. Just a quick post to mention a new feature i've just added. I've been getting quite a few blog post requests via twitter & comments ( i love them, keep 'em coming!) so i wanted to make it easier for you to post your suggestions. If you look to your right you'll see a contact form called 'blog post requests'. If you have any posts you'd like to see on here or have a question OR just want a little chat - pop your email address & message and i'll get back to you asap. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) x

13 July 2013

BIG sales haul - topshop, very + tk maxx

-picture heavy- If you've been following this blog for a while or know me in real life, you'll know just how much a love a good bargain. Mum calls me cheap; i call it being thrifty. I love shopping in the summer sales, even if it is for jumpers! Here are a few bits i've picked up this month...
Love Label @very jumper £15.00 sale
I'm such a jumper kinda girl and i love anything with a contrast of materials. The jumper sleeves are made out of a thin chiffon material and just adds something a bit different.
Love Label @ Very white jumper £25
I wanted a white jumper for the summer and the short sleeves makes this perfect. I think Love Label is my new favourite brand!
Oversized short sleeved shirts - Free!
I've had my eye on some square shirts from Topshop for a while now but £29 a pop? No thank you Sir Phillip! So i asked my grandad if he had any shirts he didn't want & he gave me some, bless! I'm going to turn some of the shirts into crop tops & other i'll be wearing as shirt dresses. Moral of the story - ask your grandparents for some 'vintage' hand me downs. 
Black LBD Tk Maxx £8.00 sale
Fringed shorts Tk Maxx £10.00 sale
As soon as i laid my eyes on these bad boys i knew they would be perfect for Reading. I don't know if i could brave these at home but i'll be wearing them all festival season.
Grey Skater dress Very £8.00 sale
This is a lovely dress for just slipping on when it's hot outside and you want something loose and comfy to wear. WHAT am i doing in that photo?!
Topshop Moto Jamie Ankle Grazer Jeans £13.50 sale
First dip into the world of Topshop jeans & i love them! The original £40 price tag has been putting me off but if i see any more in the sale i'll be getting them!

Have you found any good bargains lately? 

9 July 2013

current skincare favourites

Do you read Into The Gloss? Well, this is kind of like my version of 'The Top shelf'. I love skincare. I enjoy nothing more (beauty-wise) than taking my make up off at the end of the day and having a proper pamper. I like to mix up my skincare products depending on how my skin is behaving and what #bbloggers are recommending.
Viridian Ultimate Beauty Skin Repair Tropical Oil £15.66* (link)
I've only recently discovered Viridian and this is the first product i've tried of theirs. This smells so good, i tend to go a little OTT with this just so i can get an extra whiff. I Slather this on each night, it's recommend you use one-two pumps but i can't get enough of the lavender scent - cue slippery hands before bed. This 100ml bottle is lasting me ages and this oil is just as good as other beauty oils i've tried costing 3x as much! I can't recommend this brand enough, i've got my eye on their Moisture Balm next.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask £30.00* (link)
This is the first chemical exfoliator i've ever tried. I usually just use a manual scrub when it comes to facial skincare, so i was interested to see how this would differ. Now, i'd heard a lot of hype about this product, A LOT but is it worth the hype? On first application i applied a thick layer of this to one half of my face and left it on for 10 minutes as suggested. I did this because it claims to give instant results. After washing off with a trusty Moonie my face immediately looked brighter and felt smoother. I also noticed a few fine lines on my forehead had disappeared! I love this product, I think it would benefit those aged 25+ the most.

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream £9.00 (link)
I picked up this day cream because I need a new one and had a £5 off No 7 voucher. It doesn't claim to do anything fancy, it's just a really lovely face cream. It absorbs quickly which is great when i'm in a morning rush! The light pink moisturiser is quite thick but it doesn't feel heavy, my skin feels softer & smoother after using this.

L'oreal  Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil £7.99 (link)
My current go to cleanser - my skin has been a little dry lately so i wanted to get a cleanser that would help restore my skin texture. The cleansing oil helps to re-balance the skins natural oils and doesn't leave skin feeling dehydrated or tight. I pump a few drops into my palms, then massage into dry skin and remove with a damp Moonie. It's good at removing make up but if i'm wearing a lot i have to go in for a double cleanse to remove it all. As you can see from the photo above i'm nearly all out, i would re-purchase this!

5 July 2013

my thoughts on: Simple skincare

I first started using Simple in my early teens. The brand appealed to me because it was affordable and the products were easy to use. But skip forward 5 years and my skincare routine has expanded as a result of an unhealthy beauty addiction.
My thoughts on: is going to be a new feature on here where i talk about and share my experience with a specific brand. Please let me know below in the comments if you have any particular brands you'd like me to mention! I wanted Simple to be the first brand in this feature as i've seen them advertised a lot lately and they have just re-formulated their range.
Revitalising eye roll-on £4.99
This eye gel contains cucumber extract which claims to reduce puffiness. I suffer from hereditary dark circles & i've tried SO many creams none of which really did much, meaning my expectations were quite low. I keep this in the fridge to keep cool and applied it to my eyes in the morning to wake them up. I love the refreshing feeling it gives and it definitely helps to wake my eyes up. However, I can't say it does much to reduce my dark circles, if you suffer with them too; concealer is your best bet!

Hydrating Light Moisturiser £3.79
I like to use this when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive because it's not heavy and doesn't irritate my skin. As it is a light moisturiser i don't think it would be hydrating enough for those with very dry skin. However, this is perfect for the warmer summer months when you want something non-greasy and quick absorbing.

Soothing facial toner £2.99
I know toner is such a love/hate product, my relationship with it is always changing. I'm currently loving toner and this one from Simple is, well...errr...simple! It contains chamomile & witch hazel to help soothe skin. It's also alcohol free.

Simple Moisturising facial wash £3.59
I like that this face wash contains vitamins such as Pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E. But it kind of puts me off using it when it foams up whilst applying it because i heard foam washes are good for you?! Even though this is for sensitive skin it still made my eyes sting and left my skin feeling tight. I also found this isn't very good at removing make up.

Overall, I like Simple for those day when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive. I'm not a fan of their face washes but i do recommend their moisturisers. They whole range is quite cheap & there always seems to be some sort of offer on. You can purchase Simple from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.

What brand would you like me to share 'my thoughts on' next? Do you use Simple? x

3 July 2013

kiss goodbye to cosmetic cruelty with LUSH

 It's clear LUSH are all about cruelty free when it comes to their products. They believe in a world where no animal has to suffer or die for the sake of cosmetics. That's way this Saturday, in celebration of international kissing day, LUSH are attempting to set the new Guinness world record for the most lip prints collection in 12 consecutive hours. But to do this they need your kisses! Here's some tips below on how to prep your lips for some cruelty free kisses.

To perfect your pucker start by scrubbing away at dry skin with a sugar lip scrub* £5.25. I used 'Mint Julips'  which tastes and smells AMAZING. Next it's important to re-hydrate your lips, creating a smooth base for lipstick. I've used the preservative free 'Lip Service' lip balm* £5.50, the chocolate orange scent makes me want to eat it (not recommended). I'm also a big fan of 'Honey Trap' and 'Whipstick'. The last step is my favourite - applying the lip colour of your choice. I've blogged about Emotional Brilliance before here. I've gone with an old favourite, 'Passionate' £14.50 which is a bright florescent pink with blue undertones. I haven't quite got use to the sponge applicator and a few have dropped of my other lipsticks!

Head to your nearest LUSH store on Saturday 6th July from 11.00am, to take part in the world record breaking attempt! But don't worry if you can't get down to a store ( I work on Saturdays,boo!) You can still participate and show your support online by posting pictures of your lip print via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #crueltyfreekisses or by posting pictures on Facebook & Pinterest to @LUSHLTD

Do you think LUSH will be able to do it,are you taking part? Also, did anyone see the documentary Peter Jones did with the two co-founders of LUSH on BBC Two? It was a really good programme about how they started up - if you missed it you can watch it on iplayer here. Have a good week :) x
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