13 July 2013

BIG sales haul - topshop, very + tk maxx

-picture heavy- If you've been following this blog for a while or know me in real life, you'll know just how much a love a good bargain. Mum calls me cheap; i call it being thrifty. I love shopping in the summer sales, even if it is for jumpers! Here are a few bits i've picked up this month...
Love Label @very jumper £15.00 sale
I'm such a jumper kinda girl and i love anything with a contrast of materials. The jumper sleeves are made out of a thin chiffon material and just adds something a bit different.
Love Label @ Very white jumper £25
I wanted a white jumper for the summer and the short sleeves makes this perfect. I think Love Label is my new favourite brand!
Oversized short sleeved shirts - Free!
I've had my eye on some square shirts from Topshop for a while now but £29 a pop? No thank you Sir Phillip! So i asked my grandad if he had any shirts he didn't want & he gave me some, bless! I'm going to turn some of the shirts into crop tops & other i'll be wearing as shirt dresses. Moral of the story - ask your grandparents for some 'vintage' hand me downs. 
Black LBD Tk Maxx £8.00 sale
Fringed shorts Tk Maxx £10.00 sale
As soon as i laid my eyes on these bad boys i knew they would be perfect for Reading. I don't know if i could brave these at home but i'll be wearing them all festival season.
Grey Skater dress Very £8.00 sale
This is a lovely dress for just slipping on when it's hot outside and you want something loose and comfy to wear. WHAT am i doing in that photo?!
Topshop Moto Jamie Ankle Grazer Jeans £13.50 sale
First dip into the world of Topshop jeans & i love them! The original £40 price tag has been putting me off but if i see any more in the sale i'll be getting them!

Have you found any good bargains lately? 


  1. Woah, jeans bargain x

  2. I can't believe you found those jeans in the sale! + I love that cropped white jumper :) x



  3. In love with your blog, i have recently discovered it and scrolled through back to your very first post!
    you have so much talent- your illustrations are amazing, you should do a blog post on the process, that would be interesting to see!

    Nadda xx

    1. Hi Nadda,

      Thank you for your comment - made my day! I've just added a form at the top for blog post requests, so if you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free :)
      Kia x

  4. Hi, I love that white jumper, I love wearing white in the summer, it's cool and looks good. That dress looks great on you. Could you recommend any shops for (Emma Watson style girls) as I'm getting bored of the shops I'm normally in, like new look or h & m. Thanks, Rosalie x

    1. Hello :)
      Of course, i love Emma's style! My favourite highstreet shop has to be tk maxx, they have such a wide range of fashion items to suit different tastes. Check out their 'modbox' section for on-trend affordable pieces. Another shop i've recently discovered is Ever Ours - it's an online shop but they have some lovely items & they aren't pricey! http://www.everours.co.uk/ If your bored of the highstreet, try online? Asos & Very are good sites but there are also quite a lot of good independent shops online. See what your fav fashion bloggers are wearing & where from.
      Hope that helps a bit, also just added a contact form at the top if you have any blog post suggestions :)
      Kia x

  5. Ok thanks Kia, i will check out those shops. good idea with the blog request thing x

  6. you found some amazing bargains! especially the topshop jeans and i agree the £40 price tag can be really off putting xx


  7. Love the dress. Really nice blog xx

    Follow me

  8. I like the way you take photos and the black dress

    New Post!


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