9 July 2013

current skincare favourites

Do you read Into The Gloss? Well, this is kind of like my version of 'The Top shelf'. I love skincare. I enjoy nothing more (beauty-wise) than taking my make up off at the end of the day and having a proper pamper. I like to mix up my skincare products depending on how my skin is behaving and what #bbloggers are recommending.
Viridian Ultimate Beauty Skin Repair Tropical Oil £15.66* (link)
I've only recently discovered Viridian and this is the first product i've tried of theirs. This smells so good, i tend to go a little OTT with this just so i can get an extra whiff. I Slather this on each night, it's recommend you use one-two pumps but i can't get enough of the lavender scent - cue slippery hands before bed. This 100ml bottle is lasting me ages and this oil is just as good as other beauty oils i've tried costing 3x as much! I can't recommend this brand enough, i've got my eye on their Moisture Balm next.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask £30.00* (link)
This is the first chemical exfoliator i've ever tried. I usually just use a manual scrub when it comes to facial skincare, so i was interested to see how this would differ. Now, i'd heard a lot of hype about this product, A LOT but is it worth the hype? On first application i applied a thick layer of this to one half of my face and left it on for 10 minutes as suggested. I did this because it claims to give instant results. After washing off with a trusty Moonie my face immediately looked brighter and felt smoother. I also noticed a few fine lines on my forehead had disappeared! I love this product, I think it would benefit those aged 25+ the most.

No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream £9.00 (link)
I picked up this day cream because I need a new one and had a £5 off No 7 voucher. It doesn't claim to do anything fancy, it's just a really lovely face cream. It absorbs quickly which is great when i'm in a morning rush! The light pink moisturiser is quite thick but it doesn't feel heavy, my skin feels softer & smoother after using this.

L'oreal  Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil £7.99 (link)
My current go to cleanser - my skin has been a little dry lately so i wanted to get a cleanser that would help restore my skin texture. The cleansing oil helps to re-balance the skins natural oils and doesn't leave skin feeling dehydrated or tight. I pump a few drops into my palms, then massage into dry skin and remove with a damp Moonie. It's good at removing make up but if i'm wearing a lot i have to go in for a double cleanse to remove it all. As you can see from the photo above i'm nearly all out, i would re-purchase this!


  1. Great post and products lovely! I am dying to try the REN mask, I've heard SO many amazing things about it and I'm curious to see how it would work on me! :) The L'Oreal cleansing oil sounds fab and I'll definitely pick it up soon!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. I am very conscious about my skin. My skin is oily and sensitive, I prefer natural product. Is Moisture Day Cream good for my skin???

    obagi nu derm starter kit

    1. try the No7 cream for oily skin :)

  3. I really want to try the REN radiance mask xx

  4. Sometimes I just love to take off the make up and let my skin breathe... ahh. I love reading your blog could you please do a fashion inspiration/fashion crush post, thank you xxx Rosalie

    1. Hi Rosalie :)
      I'm actually going to start incorporating more fashion into this blog starting with a haul post coming soon! For fashion inspiration check out my pinterest - http://pinterest.com/kiamakemeup/clothes/ xx

  5. Checked out your pintrest, lots of inspiration there thank you. I love your blog and think your really cool, thanks Rosalie :) x


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