3 July 2013

kiss goodbye to cosmetic cruelty with LUSH

 It's clear LUSH are all about cruelty free when it comes to their products. They believe in a world where no animal has to suffer or die for the sake of cosmetics. That's way this Saturday, in celebration of international kissing day, LUSH are attempting to set the new Guinness world record for the most lip prints collection in 12 consecutive hours. But to do this they need your kisses! Here's some tips below on how to prep your lips for some cruelty free kisses.

To perfect your pucker start by scrubbing away at dry skin with a sugar lip scrub* £5.25. I used 'Mint Julips'  which tastes and smells AMAZING. Next it's important to re-hydrate your lips, creating a smooth base for lipstick. I've used the preservative free 'Lip Service' lip balm* £5.50, the chocolate orange scent makes me want to eat it (not recommended). I'm also a big fan of 'Honey Trap' and 'Whipstick'. The last step is my favourite - applying the lip colour of your choice. I've blogged about Emotional Brilliance before here. I've gone with an old favourite, 'Passionate' £14.50 which is a bright florescent pink with blue undertones. I haven't quite got use to the sponge applicator and a few have dropped of my other lipsticks!

Head to your nearest LUSH store on Saturday 6th July from 11.00am, to take part in the world record breaking attempt! But don't worry if you can't get down to a store ( I work on Saturdays,boo!) You can still participate and show your support online by posting pictures of your lip print via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #crueltyfreekisses or by posting pictures on Facebook & Pinterest to @LUSHLTD

Do you think LUSH will be able to do it,are you taking part? Also, did anyone see the documentary Peter Jones did with the two co-founders of LUSH on BBC Two? It was a really good programme about how they started up - if you missed it you can watch it on iplayer here. Have a good week :) x


  1. I am obsessed with Lush. I started off with a few bath bombs and now my entire skin care routine consists of their products! I even have my husband onboard, using their shaving cream and Ocean Salt scrub!!! LOVE IT!

    1. aah i love that you've got your husband onboard! x


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