5 July 2013

my thoughts on: Simple skincare

I first started using Simple in my early teens. The brand appealed to me because it was affordable and the products were easy to use. But skip forward 5 years and my skincare routine has expanded as a result of an unhealthy beauty addiction.
My thoughts on: is going to be a new feature on here where i talk about and share my experience with a specific brand. Please let me know below in the comments if you have any particular brands you'd like me to mention! I wanted Simple to be the first brand in this feature as i've seen them advertised a lot lately and they have just re-formulated their range.
Revitalising eye roll-on £4.99
This eye gel contains cucumber extract which claims to reduce puffiness. I suffer from hereditary dark circles & i've tried SO many creams none of which really did much, meaning my expectations were quite low. I keep this in the fridge to keep cool and applied it to my eyes in the morning to wake them up. I love the refreshing feeling it gives and it definitely helps to wake my eyes up. However, I can't say it does much to reduce my dark circles, if you suffer with them too; concealer is your best bet!

Hydrating Light Moisturiser £3.79
I like to use this when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive because it's not heavy and doesn't irritate my skin. As it is a light moisturiser i don't think it would be hydrating enough for those with very dry skin. However, this is perfect for the warmer summer months when you want something non-greasy and quick absorbing.

Soothing facial toner £2.99
I know toner is such a love/hate product, my relationship with it is always changing. I'm currently loving toner and this one from Simple is, well...errr...simple! It contains chamomile & witch hazel to help soothe skin. It's also alcohol free.

Simple Moisturising facial wash £3.59
I like that this face wash contains vitamins such as Pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E. But it kind of puts me off using it when it foams up whilst applying it because i heard foam washes are good for you?! Even though this is for sensitive skin it still made my eyes sting and left my skin feeling tight. I also found this isn't very good at removing make up.

Overall, I like Simple for those day when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive. I'm not a fan of their face washes but i do recommend their moisturisers. They whole range is quite cheap & there always seems to be some sort of offer on. You can purchase Simple from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.

What brand would you like me to share 'my thoughts on' next? Do you use Simple? x


  1. I love Simple, Nothing beats their makeup remover!



  2. Aw I used simple when I first started getting into skin care! I still love it! Xx

  3. I love simple. Really good for oily and sensitive skin. Great post. XLipglossandcottonsocks.blogspot.com

  4. I have a lot of different Simple products too! I have the foaming face wash and I have the same problem in that it makes my face feel tight unless I use a really good moisturizer as well! I'm excited to see what other brands you mention in this feature!

    Ash :-)


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