17 July 2013

Say bye bye to hayfever with these beauty back ups

Hayfever is so bloody annoying. Itchy eyes? Check. Runny nose? Check. Smudged eye make up? Check. I know just how frustrating it can be and how much it affects your day. Fear no more, here are some life-saving(no exaggeration) beauty products which offer hayfever sufferers some extra aid this season. Now these products won't completely cure your hayfever but they do help ease symptoms. So put that tissue down and read on for some hayfever helpers!
Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion £10.75
When eyes become irritated and puffy from hayfever this product really does work wonders. Just pour some onto a cotton pad and hold over your eyes for a few minutes. I keep this in the fridge for a refreshing & soothing eye lotion. 
Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make Up Fixer £5.99
So you're covered in the eye make up department with a waterproof mascara; but how to you keep the rest of your make up in place when your eyes are watering? This spray mist helps to keep make up in place and stops foundation going patchy or fading. This spray feels weightless on the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. 
New Look Sunglasses
Wearing sunglasses with a large frame or ones that wrap around helps protect eyes from pesky pollen!
Glo Minerals Water Resistant Mascara* £16.00
This mascara from Glo Minerals resists water as it is predominately oil based. I find this easier to remove then water-proof mascaras. The good thing about this formula is that it's quick drying. If you have hayfever  you'll know how annoying it is when you apply your mascara then suffer a sneezing attack - not a good look. 
Simple Eye Roll-on £4.99
If you eye bags are big enough to qualify for extra baggage allowance, you might want to give this a go! You can read my full review of this here
Moonie Face Cloth £5.99 (for three)
An unlikely hayfever helper you might think but this tip is really useful! To de-puff under eye bags, soak your Moonie in water and gently rinse out. Smooth the Moonie back into it's original shape and lay it flat in the freezer for 20 minutes. Remove from the freezer and lightly press under your eyes for 30 seconds. Ta-da! No more puffy eyes.
No7 Stay perfect Mascara £12.95
This is the newest mascara from No7, it stays put all day and it really is waterproof. Unlike other mascara's you can only remove this with warm water! This is my current go-to mascara as hayfever keeps making my eyes water like crazy - cue awkward 'No, I'm not crying I promise' response. This is also hypo-allergenic so perfect if your eyes are a bit sensitive. 
Jurlique Rose Love Balm* £10.00
This natural salve helps to soften and protect skin. I use this multi-purpose balm around my nose to block pollen from getting up there! It has a light rose scent and comes in a compact tin which is handy for popping in your handbag. 
Ok, time for the serious stuff. You can purchase plenty of hayfever products from your local chemist, Boots, Superdrug or supermarket. Depending on what you prefer you can take tablets, nasal sprays or eye drops/sprays. Above are some that I use but everyone is different. If you are suffering really badly & nothing seems to be working, visiting you doctor. They may be able to prescribe you something stronger or give you an allergy test. 

Hope this hayfever posts helps you! If you have any hayfever tips or products that help you let me know in the comments :) x


  1. I really want to try that new No7 mascara! + I hope you hay-fever isn't too bad :) x



  2. Hi, could you please to a beauty guide. Maybe for a particular celebrity or just a trend. Thanks, les x

    1. Will get on it! I've added a new widget to the top of my blog if you have any other blog post requests :) x

    2. Heres my post on a particular trend! http://makemeupkia.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/summer-nail-trends-2013-orange-nails.html


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