26 July 2013

sun-up to sundown beauty products

A selection of summer beauty products on the blog today to help you all day long - perfect timing with this
heat wave we are having in the UK at the minute! Last week i received the coolest package from Pegasus Pr(above). They kindly sent me some summery products along with a cute beach bag & towel, will definitely be using them this summer! Keep reading for some new summer favourites to add to your wishlist...

Mudd Original Face Mask £1.00
It's just as important to keep up your skincare routine in the summer. The humid weather can leave skin sweaty and oily. For a deep pore cleansing treatment try a Mudd face mask which is specially formulated with minerlas to help absorb excess oil; helping to control oily outbreaks and blackheads. I love that you can buy Mudd masks in single sachets(£1.00) as well as 5 application packs (£3.05) and 10 application packs (£5.10).

Sun-In Gentle Spray with Lemon £5.56
I'm sure you've heard of Sun-In before but did you know Sun-In sprays are heat activated so you can either use sunlight OR a hair dryer to activate it, creating a fuss-free sun-kissed glow all year round. I tested this out this week and it really easy to use - just spray and go!

Corn Silk Original Satin £7.40
You can avoid shiny skin in the summer with a translucent powder. Corn Silk has been loved by women since the 60's. The natural walnut formula won't clog pores, shame about the old lady smell it has! This comes in a study compact with mirror & sponge for touch ups on the go.

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Body Butter £9.29
My love for Dr.Organic just keeps growing. Finally an affordable natural skincare range with prices from £2.49-£14.99. Aloe Vera is known for it's soothing and refreshing properties, making this body butter perfect for sun burned skin. Who knew aftersun could be this luxurious?

Hand gel - summers life saver. Pop this dinky 50ml bottle in your handbag for impromptu picnis, festival loos or camping holidays. The new Passion Flower & Mango scented hand gel from Cuticura smells great + keeps the germs away!

MiaFlora Moroccan Argan Oil £12.99
Unlike some, i love an oily skincare product. I've been using this for a mini spa-esque massage each night to re-hydrate my sun parched skin. A few drops of this on the tips of my hair helps to combat frizz, but use sparingly!

What are your summer beauty savers? 


  1. Mudd face masks are my favourite! + Sun in has always intrigued me, I would love to see a review :) x



    1. Will add Sun-In review to the list! x

  2. I love Argan Oil products <3



  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. i love using mud face packs :)


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