14 August 2013

Primark haul August

Popped into Primark a couple of weeks ago for a few items. I wanted a small handbag just for everyday use as all my others are quite big. This titch brown satchel,£4.00, is perfect size for my phone,purse & a couple of lipsticks! The flamingo shirt ,£7.00, was from the men's section; sometimes I prefer the mens tops to the womens! I went for XS and it fits me fine. Black socks, not very exciting but only £2.00 for 7 pairs! I needed some cheap sunglasses because I always end up losing/breaking them. These clear round ones were only £1, I'm going to customize them - post coming up soon. These high neck crop tops,£2.50, remind me of something the Spice Girls would've worn(i was baby spice!) I've seen a few #fbloggers wearing these tops & they look really nice so I picked up a grey one to try out the trend. 

Just a little haul, have you bought any bargains from Primark lately? 


  1. I love that bag! so cute! and I would love to see how you style the Flamingo shirt! so unigue! xx


    1. Thanks for the request about styling the flamingo shirt, i've just been wearing it with high waisted jeans & toms, but i'll see what i can do :) x

  2. That shirt is gorgeous, I love buying men's clothes as the patterns are always pretty and sometimes they end up being cheaper!

    Imogen ♡

  3. The little bag is so sweet! Love the shirt as well :) x


  4. the sunglasses and the satchel are so pretty.. and the 7 pairs of socks for £2 is an incredible bargain!

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  5. In love with that flamingo top, I need it! x


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