11 September 2013

How To Get Glowing Skin Without Makeup

So the golden days of summer are behind us. We'll soon be swapping our tinted moisturisers for foundations and digging out our beloved cosy jumpers. I like summer but i LOVE winter. Roll on nights spent watching X factor/Strictly with a cuppa before curling into bed with a food coma. If you're missing the sun or just that summer glow, i've been employing the help from these glow getters to cure that summer-glow separation!

Firstly to combat dull skin you need to regularly exfoliate. A build-up of dead skin cells results in a loss of brightness and causes skin to look tired. I've been using  theYon-Ka Phyto-Gel Exfoliant (Link) twice a week. The body scrub has a thick, green gel consistency with fine grains on bamboo and jojoba pearls. It also helps to soften the skin as it contains lactic acid and almond proteins. A more affordable alternative would be St.Ives Invigorating All Over Body Scrub 300ml (£5.09). This comes in a big tub which is ideal for using up all the product. After just one use skin feels instantly softer and smoother, I love the apricot scent this has!

Now your body is prepped(don't forget to moisturise!), it's time to hold onto that tan. Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel (£24.99) is a clear gel with iridescent gold sparkles and a light tropical scent. This takes around 3 hours to fully develop into a natural golden brown. The gold shimmer flecks leaves skin with a healthy,dewy finish and the super quick drying formula means you don't have to wait around to get changed. 

We all have our favourite fixes when it comes to combating those pesky eye bags (frozen spoons for me!), but these quick fixes don't last so it's important to use an eye cream for long-term results. The new L'oreal Skin Perfection eye cream is perfect for quenching tired eyes, warding off crows feet and concealing dark circles. My current go-to eye cream!

Who doesn't love a bit of sunshine? However too much can leave you with dry, sun burnt, spotty skin. Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask (£5.99) is perfect for troubled skin. The mask is packed full of renowned skin boosting ingredients such as green clay (impurities), avocado(moisturises), willow bark (radiance) and goji berries (soothes). This mask claims to brighten, clear and hydrate skin in just five minutes. This smells lovely and leaves skin feeling really soft, the deliciously fruity scent makes it a pleasure to use. I apply this once a week for an instant pick me up! 

KIKO is a brand that never fails to impress me, their newest launch is no exception. Neon Glow, Light Effect Serum (£13.90) combines innovative skincare and cosmetic solutions to create a hybrid of a highlighter and a serum. This kinda reminds me of a skincare version of Benefits High Beam highlighter. Using this daily will help to renew the skins natural brightness, green tea absorbs and retains moisture to keep skin hydrated whilst Hylauronic acid encourages cell renewal and promotes collagen production. I apply this after cleansing and my skin instantly feels smoother and looks more awake. The micro pearls gives the skin a subtle glow. I apply a little extra onto my cheek and brow bones for added radiance. Be quick if you want this, it's limited edition

Super Facialist is the skincare range by Una Brennan, a skincare specialist based in London. The Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser (£16.99) is part of the new Vitamin C range. The collection of Vitamin C products aim to brighten and smooth skin leaving a glowing, radiant complexion. This moisturiser has light texture which melts into the skin easily. It creates the perfect canvas for applying make up. It has a strong citrus aroma which smells really fresh and uplifting, definitely helps me wake up. Immediately after using this my skin looks brighter and healthier. Another thing i love about this is that it has UVA/UVB protection. Some bloggers are saying this is a good affordable dupe for Origins GinZing moisturiser, got to love a dupe!

The last stop on the road to glowing skin is night cream. My current go to bedtime cream is Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream (£4.99) which claims to brighten and hydrate skin overnight. The rich,pink cream contains hylaruonic acid, proven to boost moisture levels as well as brightening hibiscus which acts as a mild exfoliator. The cream has a thick texture but absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. In the morning my skin feels hydrated and looks slightly brighter after using this. Not bad for under £5!

As always, let me know if you would like a full in-depth review of any of the products mentioned above. What are you product recommendations for brighter, glowing skin?


  1. That Good Things Mask is a good un - used it last night! x

  2. I do love a post that thinks slightly outside the box! I seriously now need to try the Una Brennan Vitamin C range because it looks like must have skin care product. Gaaah! All in all a fab post!


  3. The Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser sound really interesting. I think I might pick it up when I'm next in boots :)

    BTW I', your new Bloglovin' follower. I'd love it if you checked out my blog. http://beautybywire.blogspot.fr/


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