30 September 2013

Signed Up for the Gym? What To Wear?

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Having taken the plunge and decided to join a gym or a fitness class near you, you are then hit with that age-old question - What do I wear? If you are historically a bit of a fitness-phobe or it’s just been a while since you exercised, knowing where to begin kitting out your gym bag can be tricky. This is not made any easier by the barrage of advertising trying to sell you one gimmick or another on their sports clothes, that quite frankly, at anything under professional level, are usually pointless. There are however, certain items of clothing that work better for different activities. Follow this guide to make sure you have the right kit when you start out on your fitness journey.

If you have chosen swimming or a class, such as aqua aerobics or aqua zumba, as your route to getting fit, you will not need much kit at all. A bikini will not cut it though. You will need a proper swimming costume to do lengths in or jump around in a class so that you have the right level of support and are not concerned about any wardrobe malfunctions when exercising. There are many swimming costumes from George that are both practical for exercise as well as flattering and stylish. Remember a towel and something comfy to put on after your session and then you’re ready to jump in.

In any gym you will find a wide mix of people wearing a huge variety of clothes. Some like to show off their perfectly sculpted figures in a sports bra and short shorts, but the majority stay a little more covered up, opting for t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, shorts or sports tops. Anything is acceptable in the gym and you should wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and gives you the ability to move freely. Be aware though, if you want to use the machines you should give the ultra baggy tees a miss as they may get caught in the mechanisms.

When doing Yoga and Pilates you will be required to contort yourself into all sorts of shapes and being upright is not always a given. If you wear a loose shirt you may spend half the class with this around your head and your tummy and bra on show. For this reason it is advised that you wear clothing that is tight yet comfortable. Leggings and a strapped top are a good bet to begin with, and you can invest in proper sports tops and leggings later down the line if you wish. You don’t need specialist gear for these classes though, and many of the instructors will wear just their normal clothes, providing they are tight enough.

Well done on taking the first step towards better fitness, wellbeing and health, that’s the hardest part over with. Don’t let anxiety about what to wear hold you back. Stick to the guidelines above and find what you are most comfortable in over the first few weeks. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to working out. So have fun and get fit your way.
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  1. I need someone who lives near me to motivate me. I'm such a slob :S but when it's cold and horrible outside you just don't feel like it. I think I need to get on my wii fit more. Then I can wear what I want haha.


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