23 September 2013

Vichy Idealia Life Serum: Review

I'm already a fan of the Vichy Idealia range (love the BB cream!) so i was really excited to hear they were expanding the range with the Vichy Idealia Life Serum. The new serum is designed for women who live life to the full. Instead of focusing on chronological or hormonal ageing, Vichy are targeting 'Behavioural ageing'. This includes factors such as pollution, smoke, stress, late nights, un-balanced diets and too many yager bombs. All these things effect our skins appearance and quality; changing the skin tone, skin contrast, expressivity and skin balance.

To combat this, Vichy have created a formula that focuses on repairing the skins appearance. The serum is full of skin-loving ingredients such as LR2412 and LHA. The LR2412 molecule is inspired by the jasmine flower's ability to repair itself, promoting epidermal repair and boosting the skin's natural ability to protect itself. It also works to reduce the size of pores and increase the thickness of the epidermis. The partner to this molecule is LHA; this stimulates cellular repair in tired skin with gentle exfoliating action.

Now this all sounds very impressive, but does it actually work? If you look closely at the serum it has a opalescent like effect to it. The tiny pearls help to instantly illuminate the skin and gives it a subtle healthy glow. It feels very light when applied and leaves a slight protective film without any greasy residue. About two pumps are enough to cover my face and neck. The delicate fragrance of green tea leaves, white flower and woods lingers for around 10 minutes after being applied. The serum creates a perfect base for make up allowing foundation to glide on easily. I love to apply this morning and night after cleansing, the instant glow makes my skin look fresher and i feel more confident knowing that my skin will be protected throughout the day!

Just because you're living your life, doesn't mean your skin has to show it! The Vichy Idealia Life Serum* is currently £25.05 from esentual.com here

*pr sample


  1. I keep seeing this all over british beaty blogs and I just waqnt to try this too!

  2. Hmmm...interesting and impressive. This seem like a great product to try out. The formula is quite impressive too. I'll def check on this and see how it works on my skin.


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