8 October 2013

LUSH Toothy Tabs in 'Atomic': Review

Did you know LUSH also do dental products, i didn't before i tried these! Toothy Tabs are basically 
toothpaste in solid form. Sounds weird? Yep, it is. 

The toothy tabs come in a box made from 100% recycled paper. As with all things LUSH, this is such an unique and innovative product! To use you simple place one between your front teeth and crush before brushing your teeth as normal. I've been using 'Atomic' which includes antiseptic ingredients such as clove and cinnamon. 

The Results
I was sceptical at first whether these would clean my teeth as well as normal toothpaste would. I use an electric toothbrush and the Toothy Tabs foam up a lot more then i was expecting! The taste and chalky texture is something i've gotten use too and isn't unpleasant at all. After using these for nearly 4 weeks, they do clean my teeth as well as an ordinary toothpaste. I love that these are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and use essential oils. I'd never really given much thought of how many plastic toothpaste tubs i use, but it's something i'm going to try and cut down on in the future.

Atomic LUSH Toothy Tabs are £2.50 for 40 available from LUSH stores or online here.


  1. Haha I went into Lush one day with my friend and they got her to try these out ;') we left the shop and she couldn't believe how revolting they were! It must have been a different flavour though ;) I can imagine it'd take a while to get used to the texture! xx

    1. Oh no! I think they have about six different flavours, some don't sound very appealing! x

  2. ooh I got some of these in breath of god and I loved the concept but it tasted awful, maybe I will try again!
    Teah xx

  3. I love lush! I've been really tempted to buy them but I was worried that they wouldn't clean my teeth as well as toothpaste. Xxx Rosalie

    1. My exact thoughts Rosalie but i was pleasantly surprised! :) x


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