20 October 2013

Three Ways to Wear Blue Mascara

So blue mascara is nothing new; I bet your nan was rocking it way before your mum was born (mine still is). I understand if you're scared of trying it, when you think of blue mascara, stylish isn't the first word that comes to mind. But coloured mascara can be cool. Here are three different ways to wear blue mascara without looking too 80's. It's a great way to update your make up look if you're stuck in a rut.

1. If you want to try blue mascara but can't bare to part with your trusty black mascara, this look is perfect. Apply your favourite mascara to your top lashes then take the blue mascara and apply just to the bottom lashes. This makes brown/blues eyes really stand out.

2. Don't be scared, all over blue sounds so wrong but done right it looks so hot (cue Cara). To avoid looking too 80's don't wear matching blue eyeshadow. Instead go for a complimentary shade like copper. To keep the look simple add little or no eye liner and a light pink blush. Lip-wise opt for a berry hue with blue undertones to subtly compliment the mascara.

3. This last look is definitely the most wearable. Apply black mascara to the roots of your top lashes followed by placing blue mascara just on the tips for a dip-dyed effect. This is a really subtle take on blue mascara but still looks great. People will catch hints of blue every time you blink! Alternatively, put the blue mascara on your roots and black on the tips.

I used the new Eyeko Black Magic Mascara in Midnight Blue, £18.00 available from the Eyeko website here

Are you brave enough to try blue mascara? 


  1. I love a pop of coloured mascara, and I don't care if it looks 80's ;)

  2. people are always after blue mascara at work! I think Miss Sporty do an electric blue one, but not sure what its like...
    Any recommendations?


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