29 November 2013

Eye Creams & Gels: Review

Eyecare has always been an important step in my skincare routine. I suffer from hereditary dark circles and dry skin around my eyes so I like to use either an eye cream or gel morning and night. I apply it after cleansing but before moisturising my skin. Here's a selection of some eye creams I reach for when my eye bags are big enough to qualify for extra baggage allowance.
REN Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel £20.00* 15ml
A light and cooling gel which helps to revive tired eyes. You can use this one under or over makeup, the latter I'm yet to try. With this a little bit goes a long way so I only need to apply a small amount. Like all REN products this contains no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances. This helps to cool and refresh my eyes and does reduce puffiness but I don't find this has done a great deal for my dark circles.
L'oral Skin Perfection Awakening Eye Cream £12.99
Designed to ward off crow feet, quench tired eyes and conceal dark circles. This cream is slighted tinted so it does work to correct dark circles and illuminates the under eye area. I can't comment on whether it's any good for fine lines but I'm sure my future self will thank me. Possible favourite out of all five....
HealGel Eye Fix £32* 15ml
Not one for those on a budget but I've found with this a little bit goes a long way. The gel formula has a delicate scent so great for those with sensitive skin. This definitely helps to reduce puffiness and slightly reduces dark circles. I've only been using this for 3 weeks so will be interested to see in a months time whether this is worth the hefty price tag.
Guinot Eye Mask £28.50* 30ml
I didn't even know that you could get a mask for your eyes before coming across this one. This is a thick, clear non-setting gel which instantly cools and  soothes tired eyes. This would be perfect if the skin around your eyes gets irritated. Not only does this moisturise, it also tightens skin and improves circulation to help banish dark circles. I leave this one for ten minutes when my eyes are looking puffy and remove with cleanser. Key ingredients include witch hazel and hyaluronic acid.
Simple Revitilsing Eye Roll On £4.99 15ml £4.99
I keep this in the fridge to keep cool and apply it to my eyes in the morning to wake them up. I love the refreshing feeling the cucumber extract gives and it definitely helps to wake my eyes up. The roller ball makes this really easy to use, also this is a great option for those on a budget ( not pictured because I've misplaced it!).

Are you an eye cream obsessive like me? A special mention goes to Nip + Fab Eye Fix which is in my top 3 favourite eye gels, definitely repurchasing after I've used up these ones! 


  1. I love Ren eye product too. x

  2. Not easy to say thank you, me english not so well but these really good. Good read to practice English.
    jeux de fille

  3. Love the REN eye cream, it feels so cooling on the skin! xx


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