14 November 2013

Hairdressing etiquette: how to avoid those awkward silences

source: weheartit
*guest post*Many people see going to the hairdressers as a chance to sit back, relax and be pampered by an expert, but for others the experience is fraught with worry. Even if you're confident about the end result, the thought of having to engage in mind-numbing small talk can lead you to put off an appointment for as long as possible.
This fear of conversing with strangers has been made worse by an increasing reliance on technology.More transactions are taking place online, since the internet makes it convenient to do everything from pay the phone bill, shop for leggings at Very or buy cereal from an online supermarket. With less personal interaction going on, conversational skills have become a little rusty, and this once pleasurable experience can be a social minefield.
Of course, if you're lucky, it may be that your hairdresser is a master of quick wit with an excellent taste in TV and that an hour spent in their company is a joy. Alternatively, they may be a whizz with the scissors but lacking in interesting chitchat. If you're faced with the latter it may be wise to enter the salon suitably prepared.
If you really can't face talking, you could take a book, make a bee-line for that magazine stack or remain glued to your mobile. Just make sure to glance up every now and then to check you aren't sporting a mullet. As long as you're polite, your hairdresser probably won't mind - they might actually be relieved at not having to ask the fifth person that day where they're heading off on holiday!
Even if you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and your hairdresser is a long-standing confidante, a certain amount of discretion is advised. Just because you trust them with your hair it doesn’t necessarily mean you can do the same when it comes to secrets about your love life!
Finally, it’s time for the big reveal, so remember the central part of hairdressing etiquette. If you are unhappy with the results explain why, and ask them politely but firmly to fix the problem. Hopefully you will love your new 'do and can depart on good terms, free to avoid the whole experience for another six weeks!

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