20 November 2013

Perfume Collection

Hi, my name's Kia and i have a perfume addiction. I like to change up what ones i wear but i do love them all. I'm not swayed by the brand or packaging (ok, maybe a little) the most important thing for me is the scent. Here is a peek into my current perfume collection...

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset
A fruity but floral fragrance with top notes of mandarin orange and bergamote. Hints of vanilla and sandalwood can be detected once settled into the skin making this perfect for daytime. 
Especially Escada Elixir 
This fragrance is fairly new, launched in July this year. A combination of turkish rose and oriental facts such as patchaouli, vanilla and amber. A sweet, intense scent - one for you rose lovers. 
Calvin Klein Shock
An impressive sweet scent without being over bearing. Described as an oriental-floral fragrance with top notes of passion flower and poppy. I'm not sure if i'd describe this as oriental - it kinda reminds me of those refresher sweets you used to get! 
Nina Ricci Ricci 
A sophisticated scent which can easily be worn everyday or for a special occasion. This definitely has a more mature scent to it than the others. Woody essences are combined lower floral elements to create a delicious fragrance. Top notes include rhubarb zest and bergamot. 
Diesl Loverdose
This is very much a love/hate perfum. If you like liquorice and vanilla, you're going to love this. This weet, musky fragrance is really unique and lasts around 6 hours on skin. 
Jimmy Choo
A lovely bottle to match an even lovelier fragrance. Read my full review of this here
Chloe Eau De Parfum
If you like rose scented perfumes you'll love this one from Chloe, read my full review here.
Emporio Armani Diamonds
Another sweet scent that isn't too overpowering. A mixture of lychee, raspberry, rose, lily and vanilla make up this fragrance. I love this for everyday and it's not heavy at all.

What is your must-have fragrance? Have you tried any of these?


  1. Yeah the Nina Ricci Ricci one is a fave of mine too ! I got it last Christmas , it lasted a few months because I got the small bottle plus it isn't cheap too. I would 100 % get it again :)

    Which ones your favourite ?

    Rosie - RosieRates.blogspot.com

    1. Oh no I don't know if I could choose just one! I really love the Jimmy Choo one or Loverdose, or Nina Ricci...just depends on my mood and what I'm doing!

  2. Hi Kia, I was reading back at some old posts you have done and I come across the beauty debate: sexualisation of women. I found it really interesting coz at school were doing self esteem and the effect media and modelling has on us and I think it would be cool if you could do another post like that to raise awareness.I have long brown down to my bottom and some people tease me but some people like it and I think I'm not here to please others and I think young girls these days should realises that. Thanks Rosalie xxx

    1. Hi Rosalie,

      I'm glad you came across that post, i do think it's a really important issue and it seems to have been talked about a lot this week in the media. I was thinking about doing another post about it and i definitely will after reading your comment! Your hair sounds amazing, those who don't like it don't matter and are probably just jealously!xxx

  3. I love Diamonds - such a gorgeous scent! x


  4. calvin klein is my fav! I just found your blog with bloglovin and i love it ! its amazing! Im now a new follower! please check out my blog too http://www.stealstylist.com and follow back? i hope we can collab in the future too!


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