24 November 2013

The Ugly Side of The Beauty Industry

So way back in 2011 I wrote a post about the sexualisation of women in the media (read here if you missed it) and a few things have happened in the past few weeks that have made me want to raise this issue again. It's something I feel very strongly about and as a beauty blogger I feel like it's my responsibility to talk about it.

Firstly, you may have already seen this video before. It was created back in 2011 by Global Democracy. It shows a normal women being photoshopped until she looks unnatural and non-human like. These over photoshopped images are seen everyday and have a huge impact on young girls, putting pressure on how they should look and brainwash their minds with unrealistic ideas of 'beauty'. And don't even get me started on photoshopping in makeup advertisements which i previously wrote about here. I was glad to hear a few months ago, Boots beauty brand No7 ditched air-brushing in all their advertisements and only use real women. I can only hope other brands follow their lead.

This week Lily Allen made a comeback with her new single 'Hard out Here'. The video has caused quite a stir.The jist of it is about how women are exploited in music videos, which of course they are. I applaud Lily for her new video, it is hard out here for a bitch and not just in the media.

Has anyone else been enjoying this years 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'? I love it but was sad to watch Olympic gold medallist, Rebecca Adlington get upset over her body image. She said that she had been bullied about her looks for years and that she had become very insure as a result. It's so upsetting that she wasn't trying to be a model and yet she was still being criticised for the way she looked rather than what she was achieving.

I wanted to end this serious debate on a lighter note. Earlier in the week I tweeted about this article from Refinery29 - 'Why Beauty Isn't About Being Perfect'. The beauty website pays tribute to three beautiful women with uniquely stunning looks which may not be considered as conventional beauty.

A face with scars, freckles, laughter lines etc...tells a story and is far more interesting then a flawless complexion. I truly believe beauty comes from within, having a pretty face but being a horrible person makes you ugly - beauty is a total package. If you ever feel down about the way you look or dishearten by the over photoshopped images you see, don't forget you're not alone and I'm always here for a chat if anyone wants to email me.

Would love to hear your thoughts on  topic? 


  1. Loved this post Kia! We completely agree with you. Can't stand how people feel that it is acceptable to advertise this ironic 'fake' perfection. We really felt for Rebecca, it is so upsetting to see girls get hurt by this issue, she is so lovely. We hope more people read this excellent post :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. I agree with you - for me watching Rebecca crying was awful, she's such a nice person, having met her loads of times at swimming. I think its awful that we have a really twisted image of beauty, its not fair when bodies that are built differently are compared and those not deemed 'perfect' are put down!

    A really good post!


  3. Wow that video is insane. To think that models are already thin to start with plus airbrushing means that people aspire to be something that doesn't really exist! Really excellent post :) xx

  4. I totally agree! I hate airbrushing. I personally think the only time it should be used is when someone has a big old spot that cant be hidden with makeup.

    Wendy xoxo

  5. I totally agree with you, which is why I named my blog Ineffable beauty, there is No way to describe beauty, it is different to everyone! There have been a lot of big companys who had ditched the air brushing publicly recently and I hope it continues.

    Ineffable Beauty

  6. I'd never seen that video before but wow, I just don't understand the need for it at all.
    Great post, I agree with you and it frustrates me that we are constantly bombarded with this impossible idea of what's beautiful, I really think photoshopping in adverts needs to be banned. I can't really see what purpose it serves the advert in the first place.

    Rosie | eatreadglam.wordpress.com

  7. Thanks for doing this Kia, it's a real help to self-esteem and awareness of the problem.
    Rosalie xxx

  8. i totally agree with every word you've said in this and i don't feel like enough beauty bloggers address issues such as these, which is quite sad because so many young girls see them.
    thank you for this post!!


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