3 January 2014

best beauty products of 2013 according to bloggers

I read blogs way too much and I've been loving reading everyone's 'Best of 2013' beauty posts. I wanted to combine the most popular picks from beauty bloggers, because we know our stuff. Well we should do, we've tested enough products! Here's a list of the most popular beauty staples that have become daily essentials for bloggers in 2013...
best beauty products of 2013 according to bloggers

Have I missed anything? 


  1. I'm determined to save up for the naked 3 palette, it's so beautiful!

    ruffles and lace xx

  2. I read way too many blogs too & end up with a wishlist as long as my arm.
    I still haven't tried Bioderma or The NARS concealer.
    I love Hydraluron & have repurchased it a few times now

  3. You are so right! I didn't do a post about it this year, but a lot of my favorites are there!

  4. Great round up of everyone's favourites, ha ha!
    I love most of the products listed here...although I love the colours in the Rimmel lasting finish, I find it slides off my lips way too easily so not that much of a fan :(


  5. Bioderma is a must for me and I can't fault the RealTechniques make-up brushes either. Have been wanting to try the Nars Concealer for a while now - I can feel a purchase coming on soon! :)

  6. I would say you've just about covered it! hahaha!! x


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