6 January 2014

Guide to Networking in The Beauty Industry

If you're reading beauty blogs there's no doubt you love all things beauty related, but have you ever thought about a career in the Beauty Industry? There are so many amazing opportunities within this field from art and science to business and journalism there is something to suit everyone. It can be hard to get your foot in the door so here are some tips for getting into the beauty business!

Engage With the Industry Experts
It's easier than ever to get in touch with the industry experts thanks to social media. It only takes a second to tweet the founder of your favourite skincare company or someone in your dream job. Make sure you're following people in your field of interest and engage with them, you never know what opportunities will crop up!
Keep Groomed
In the beauty industry, a lot of it is based on looks so it's important to keep well groomed. Making sure you don't have chipped nails or bad fake tan is vital for impressing the professionals.
Start Blogging
I definitely think blogging help me to get my job. Putting that you write a blog on your CV shows that you have a genuine interest in your blogging topic. Don't forget to include your social media outlets on your CV/business card such as Twitter and Youtube. Just remember to keep it professional - you never know who's reading!
Get Trained
Having the right qualifications can help you gain experience and introduce you to people already in the industry. Whether your wanting to be a Nail Technician, PR, Hair Stylist, Product Developer, Brand Owner, Beauty Therapist...there are so many great job opportunities in the beauty industry check out Capital Hair & Beauty here for courses on your chosen area.

This is a collaboration post with Capital Hair & Beauty. All views are my own.


  1. I really want to do graphic design within Beauty. I'm not 100% sure which part just yet, but I know I defo want to! What job do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

    Daisy x

    1. Hi daisy :) i'm a Beauty Adivsor for a beauty company with the hopes of going into branding/ product development x

  2. Thanks Kia, that's really useful. My first dream job is acting but if I can't I'd love to do something beauty related. Btw have u dyed your hair brown, your instagram photo looks like you have, it looks great Xxx Rosalie

    1. Hi Rosalie,
      Glad to of helped! Yeah I ombred my hair a few months ago, hair update post coming soon! X

  3. Interning are key - I work in a beauty PR agency and I wouldn't have landed the job without the experience to back my CV up! It can be really hard to land an internship (harder than jobs would you believe) but once you do they really do open up doors for you. x

  4. Internships are the best way to crack the beauty magazine, PR and Marketing industry - I got my first job in a Beauty PR agency last year and I wouldn't have if I didn't have the internship to back my CV up. It can be really frustrating applying for internships but they are so worth it when you finally land one!


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