4 February 2014

See Spot Run

I hate spots. They always seem to pop up just before a big event i.e first date, school photo or just somewhere where they'll be cameras. I say enough is enough, it time to win this blemish battle with these spot fighting treatments that actually work. Here are four products which help to stop spots for good. Yeah, how do you like me now you pesky things.

Boots Skin Clear Rapid Action Spot gel £3.33 (LINK)
This clear gel claims to be clinically proven to reduce the size of spots in just two hours. It's quite hard to put a time limit on how quickly this works as I use this overnight, however when I wake up my spots appear smaller and also redness is reduced. I only use this at night time as when it dries it looks a bit like your skin is peeling - not a good look! 
Miaroma 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil £4.19 (LINK)
You can pick up tea tree oil from most shops nowadays. This is a good alternative from treatment gels if you wanted to try something with more natural ingredients. I apply a bit of this to a cotton bud a gently dap it on any blemishes. This is great for the day as it's not visible once applied. 
Good Things Stop That Spot £4.99 (LINK)
This product really does aim to do exactly what it says on the tin. This anti-bacterial gel contains active extracts of papaya, acai and willow bark to help diminish breakouts. You just need to dap a small amount of this on the affected area and leave it to do its thing! I find this very gentle on the skin and would suit those with sensitive-prone complexions.
Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot* £9.35 (LINK)
The formula is enriched with hyaluronic and salicylic acid which is well known for its spot fighting properties. After applying the clear gel I can feel it getting to work immediately as there's a slight tingling sensation at first. This product does quickly get to work and completely disappears spots in three days.

Now you've stopped those spots, how do you get rid of scarring? I'd love to hear you suggestion so I can try them out! 


  1. Scarring is my biggest problem on my skin and its so upsetting, sometimes worse than spots. I haven't found anything that helps yet, however the new efficlar + is supposed to help yet i can't get my hands on it!

  2. Added that to my wish list, thank you! :)

  3. I'm trying to get rid of scarring too!
    I've just started using Palmers Skin Therapy Oil (I imagine its kinda like bio oil, but much nicer, and smells great) if it's any good I'll probably do a review on it, as I feel there aren't many blog posts on acne scarring!
    Also I've heard Bravura Dermaflannel is good exfoliation for scarring, so may invest in one of those.


  4. I like the Boots Treatment Cream more than their spot gel - it's more effective x

  5. I swear by tea tree oil! I think it does wonders.. I use it before bed, or in the morning if necessary, find it helps reduce spots, but also heal any spots which might be broken/inflamed! It does tend to dry out the skin, i've noticed(which helps with removing spots), so keep a light moisturiser on hand!

    1. I agree, sometimes I mixed two drops of tea tree oil with my moisturiser to avoid my skin drying out. Really helps :)

  6. This post is very relevant to me right now, with my birthday just around the corner and an angry breakout! Thank you! I have been trying to calm my skin with the Effaclar Duo, but I will definitely look into the tea tree oil if I can find it in my area!


  7. Rosehip oil, it's 100% the best product I've found to get rid of scarring! I had such horrible scars all over my face from years of spots that I never thought I'd have nice skin, even if I did get rid of the spots, but using rosehip oil has transformed my complexion! :) Here's the one I use:




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