25 March 2014

Britney Spears Fantasy The Nice Remix Fragrance Review

Back in the day I was a 'Curious' kinda girl, that scent just takes me back to my 2006 school days. Britney Spear's fragrances are nearly as iconic as her music. If you are a  fan of her original Fantasy fragrance, you will not be disappointed with her newest additions.

The two new fragrances from Britney follow on from her original Fantasy fragrance which was launched back in 2005. Naughty Remix and Nice Remix both borrow notes from the original version. The Nice Remix* is the scent I've been enjoying these past few days. This concoction is quite soft with airy-florals and sparkling fruits. Notes of jasmine and cupcakes give this a sweet edge perfect for everyday wear.

The Naughty Remix seems like more of night time fragrance with it's sensual scent of chocolate orchid, jasmine petals and creamy musk. The bottles are adorned with a gold 'N' charm which can be removed and worn. Not sure if you'll be Naughty or Nice? Best get both then!

Available in 30,50 and 100ml. Prices start at £23, both fragrances are currently exclusive to Superdrug but are available nationwide April 2. 


  1. Hi,

    I was a genuine lover of Britney Spears Fantasy , is it as candy flossy as the original ?
    I prefer the bottle this way :)


    1. I'm so bad at describing scents but it is really sweet & yummy smelling :)

  2. I got her original and my hubby loved it, then we were in Kohl's and he smelled this one and loved it better! She was able to pull off some great scents! Great post...I have a horrible time making a post on scents as its hard to describe :(


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