19 March 2014

Getting Oily

Oils: not just for political leverage and fry ups. You can get oils for pretty much everything; your hair, face, body and they seem to be the beauty product of the moment. The light-weight, hydrating, non-greasy formulas make oils a popular alternative from lotions. Plus, the bottles are normally really pretty. Here are of a few of my favourites, I think it's safe to say I have an oily obsession.

Nouris Frangipani Monoi Oil*(LINK)
Produced by soaking fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined coconut oil. Monoi oil has a soft, warm fragrance which has soothing and moisturising properties. If you've found coconut oil not cutting the mustard, give this a try! To use you have to first place it in warm water to melt the oil. Watch my mini demonstration of how to use this on Instagram here.
Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil (LINK)
I love using an oil before bed and this has been my current go to. Enriched with Rosehip, this oil melts into the skin quickly and leave it feeling softer and hydrated. This locks in moisture for 8 hours so it is ideal to use just before going to bed, allowing the nutrients to soak on up without leaving skin looking greasy.
Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil (LINK) and Nouris 100% Pure Argan Oil*(LINK)
If you're new to oils, Argan Oil is a good all-rounder. You can use it on your face, hair or body. Add a drop with your moisturiser if you don't like the feel of applying oil. If you have really dry hair, try sleeping wuth a mask of this on your hair and wash out in the morning. 
Grapeseed Oil (LINK)
This is perfect for creating your own concoction. Dilute essential oils such as Geranium or Lavender with this 'carrier oil' to make bespoke oils to suit your skin needs.
Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil (LINK)
Another highly talked about product. So many celebrities swear by the stuff. I don't really like using this in hair, I find it quite hard to rinse out. However, this mixed with sea salt makes a great DIY body scrub. I've also been trying it out as a deodorant after reading about it on the internet and so far so good! Further testing is needed, not sure how it will hold up in really sweaty conditions. 
Nouris Rosehip Oil*(LINK)
I wanted to try Rosehip oil after a lot of you recommend it for reducing spot scars. I've been using this for about three weeks now and have noticed my scars have faded slightly. I'll continue to use this daily in the hope they'll banish completely! It is also claims to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. Like all Nouris oils they are housed in beautiful, frosted glass bottles to help protect the oil from sunlight damage.
Wella Professionals Oil Reflections (LINK)
I've been using this every week for about 9 months now and I've hardly made a dent! This oil contains ingredients such as macadamia seed oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E. All these work together to leave my thick hair looking glossy & helps smooth frizzy ends. This has a really gorgeous sweet scent to it, it's just so luxurious to use!

Are you off on an oily binge after reading this? I'd love to hear what oils you'd recommend - I can't get enough! 


  1. Hi, I use Pro Natural’s Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner The argan oil makes hair stronger and healthier. It's really really good. You can get them online or some hair site that sells pro stuff’’.

  2. I am an oily fan for definite! I love the Antipodes Divine Face Oil. I've just ordered the Pai Rosehip Oil as well xx

  3. I loved reading your review and I'm keen to try either the Botanics or Miaflora one.


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