21 April 2014

Pink Addiction Fragrance Exculisvely For Teenagers

When I was a teenager there was nothing out there perfume-wise targeted towards us. Impulse and Charlie body sprays were as exciting as things got. My first fragrance was actually one I'd borrowed from my Mum and  probably wasn't best suited for my age. Fear not teens of today, I have come across a fragrance that is designed specially for teenage girls. Launched last summer in Harrods, Pink Addiction is a perfume created just for teens.

This idea was thought up of when Nabila, the creator, was shopping for a fragrance for her 13 year old sister but was left disappointed when none of the shops she visited sold a fragrance designed exclusively for teens. As a result Pink Addiction was born! 

The fragrance is a sweet mixture of fruity and floral scents. Initial notes of luscious cranberry and sparkling Winter lemons give this perfume a fruity edge. This combined with bottom notes of snowy patchouli and blond wood results in a sweet but creamy soft scent. Now, this wouldn't be a proper review without the opinion of teen...

I had my intern (14 year old sister) test this out for me because I wanted to get a teens view on the fragrance. At first I deliberately made my sister smell the fragrance before seeing the packaging as I didn't want it to influence her thought on the scent. Here's how Amber got on!

"I like the scent, it's nice and sweet. It also smells quite grown up. I don't really like the packaging it's too for teenagers." At this point I had to remind Amber she was a teenager. "I mean it appeals more to young teenagers like the ones who listen to One Direction or Justin Beiber. I don't like the pink either, I'd prefer it if it looked more simple".This didn't surprise me, I knew the packaging wouldn't go down well with her but bare in mind this comes from a teen who listens to Areosmith and plays a ukulele. "I would wear this perfume and I think my friends would too". 

There you go - a review of a fragrance created exclusively for teens, by a teen. I think it's really refreshing to have a teen fragrance that isn't celebrity endorsed. The perfume industry needs to realise that not every teenager likes One Direction or Justin Beiber. It's so nice to see a fragrance that is simply for teens.

If you like to smell girly and sweet, Pink Addiction* will satisfy that need with an added air of sophistication. Available to purchase from Harrods, Pink Addiction edt retails at £19.95 for 50ml. You also get an adorable pink jute bag with each purchase.

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