13 April 2014

Sensationails Gel Starter Kit Review

Despite Gel nails being a huge beauty trend, I've never had mine professionally done. I've always thought of it as too expensive and I don't particularly enjoy visiting salons! I'm much more of a 'do it yourself' kinda girl when it comes to most beauty related things. If you are too, you're going to love what I have to show you today.

Sensationails is a gel nail kit you can do in the comfort of your own home. The kit comes complete with everything you need to create super glossy and durable gel nails. I found the instructions that came with the kit were really easy to follow. The process can be a little time consuming but when you think the results last around 2 weeks I don't mind spending 30 minutes doing my nails! 

I love the shade 'Raspberry Wine' which has some subtle shimmer to it and looks gorgeous on nails. 14 days after application, they are still going strong as promised. There is a slight chip on my thumb but overall I'm really impressed with the longevity of Sensationails. 

The price tag sounds a little scary (£69.99) but it's reasonable when you think how much you would pay each time at a salon for gel nails. The kit allows for 10 applications so you can assure you'll get your moneys worth. After 10 uses you can purchases an Essentials Kit (£25.00) which contains all the products you'll need,minus the LED LAMP, to create 20 more perfectly polished manicures. 

The only downside to Sensationails is the removal process. Even after following the instructions and leaving them to soak in acetone for 15 minutes, they were still a struggle to get off. It can be a bit damaging on nails so I tend to use this kit every other month or for special occasions and holidays. 

Overall, this kit is a must have if you normally get gel nails done professionally or you're just simply sick of chipped nails. This kit is well worth the price tag plus it's on offer at the minute, hooray! With most things, this does take practise so don't worry if it takes a few goes.

The Sensationails Starter Kit* retails for £69.99 but is currently of offer for £45.00 at Boots here. Let me know if you have any questions at all about this! 


  1. I've been using Sensationail since christmas, and I've found when you'e soaking them in acetone (I use the foil method) it really helps when I sit on my hands.
    It's a little uncomfortable, but you can't do anything else anyway for the 15mins, but the extra heat really helps to flake off the gels.

    Also, kudos on making them last them two weeks, mine normally chip after seven days or so!
    I love raspberry wine and taupe. need some spring colours though!


    1. Ruth you genius! I'll be trying that tip out next time, thank you :)

  2. Removing them is always a nightmare with false nails. They always leave my nails soft


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