29 May 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation | Review

Maybelline foundation and I have had a on/off relationship for years. When I first discovered make up, Dream Matte Mousse was one of the first foundations I tried. At the time I loved it but looking back at it now the colour was way to orange and the texture was weird and often looked cakey. However, will Maybelline's newest foundation launch change my opinion of the brand?

Better Skin claims to improve your skin tone in just 3 weeks. It's designed to transform dull, uneven skin leaving you with hydrated, flawless, glowing skin with it's vitamin enriched formula.

The foundation comes in 8 shades, so not a great range of colours. I've been using 'Nude 021' which is the second lightest and is a little too dark for me. I've been applying this with my Real Techniques Expert face brush which seems to be the best way to use it. I'm impressed with the overall coverage of this. It helps to even out my skin tone and conceals small blemishes. It's doesn't do a great deal for dark circles and I still need to use concealer. When applying it you can definitely feel it's an hydrating foundation, I think this would be best for those with normal/dry skin. It's difficult to say if it has cleared my skin up. My skin has been good lately but that may be as a result of some new skincare products I've been using.

Not a bad highstreet foundation. This blends really nicely and has good coverage. I'm always sceptical about foundation claims and I'm still on the fence about the 'better skin' claim. Like most highstreet foundations, the shade range is poor. I love that it has spf 20 so i'll be using this in the summer. It's vitamin enriched formula does appeal to me and might be good for you if you find foundations tend to break you out. 

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation £8.99 30ml available at Superdrug/Boots 

How to Wear 1 lipstick 3 different Ways

Until about two years ago I didn't really own any lipstick. I thought it was old fashioned and too grown up for me. Fast forward a few years and beauty blogging has turned me into a crazy lipstick lady. I've had to reinforce my lipstick storage as I ran out of room. I find lipstick everywhere now; in my car, at the bottom of handbags, coat pockets, my fridge (no really) I just can't stop buying lipstick! Today I'm going to show you 3 ways to wear 1 lipstick. For this I'm using a Collection Deluxe lipstick in 01.

Tinted Balm
This is a really natural way to wear lipstick, great if your a lipstick newbie. I started of by gently patting the lipstick onto my lips. I then rubbed that in with my fingers to achieve a subtle hint of colour. Next I layered on top a clear lip balm from Nivea. Ta-da a tinted balm! You could also use a coloured balm for a deeper colour.
Velvet Effect
This look is more intense but still really easy to re-create. All you need is translucent powder, tissue and a brush. Apply the lipstick to your lips. You can do this directly from the bullet or use a lip brush if you prefer. Now take the tissue and hold it up to your lips. Using the powder and a brush, gently pat it over the tissue. This technique will transform any lipstick into a velvet finish.
Super Glossy
This look is designed to create an impact and looks amazing paired with natural makeup. After applying your lipstick of choice and a layer of clear gloss for super shiny lips. You can also mix it up and use a lip gloss in a lighter or darker shade to change the colour of your lipstick. Lip glosses with a hint of shimmer also look great on this look.

I hope this post was helpful :) Hands up who's going to play with lipstick today? 

25 May 2014

Bath Vs Shower | #BeautyDebate

Soaking in an indulgent bubble bath with a new magazine in a candle lit bathroom; relaxing all your senses in preparation for some serious me-time. Or maybe a steaming shower spent singing along to Radio 1 is your idea of pamper perfection? Do you like to stew in a bath or do you prefer to jump in the shower?

I have to say I'm more of a shower person. It's quicker, uses less water and I love using refreshing shower gels. That's not to say I don't like the occasional bath. When I want a proper pamper I'll spend an hour in the bath until my fingers look like cocktail sausages and I have the whole family banging on the bathroom door (sorry guys).

I asked on twitter which you prefer, here's what some of you said! Thank you all for your tweets!

So, are you a bath or a shower person? 

#BeautyDebate it a fancy new feature i'll be posting about every Sunday. It's a place where we can chat about a beauty topic each week, some weeks will be controversial topics and others will be light-hearted like this one! Let me know if there is a particular topic you would like to see discussed. :) 

Next Sunday's #BeautyDebate | What Is Pretty To You?

23 May 2014

FREE Beauty Product Samples | #3

It's been a while since I shared with you what free beauty product samples you can get you hands on, sorry! But I discovered some really amazing ones this month that I just had to tell you about. A few favourites include a free 50ml bottle of Cleanse and Polish from Liz Earle and and free Roo Beauty Nail Polish Storage Roll! Who doesn't love a freebie?

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 50ml 
Roo Beauty Nail Polish Roll 
New Ghost Eclipse Fragrance
Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb Fragrance sample
Manuka Doctor Mini Skincare Kit
Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo
Rimmel Matte BB Cream 
Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Range

22 May 2014

New Purely Pampering Range From Dove | Review

I'm all for more me-time. I like to dedicate Sunday evenings to some indulgent pampering. I spend the evening with my hair covered in conditioner, a cuppa tea and catch up on all the posts/Youtube videos from the week. Dove have recently launched a new Purely Pampering range which allows you to experience those me-time moments every single day.

The new good-enough-to-eat range consists of two delicious scents. Pistachio Cream with Magnolia; a sweet scent with a delicate hint of Magnolia. Definitely one for pistachio fans! The second is Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals; another gorgeous scent that isn't over-powering.

Like with all Dove beauty products, not only is your skin wrapped is a delicious scent but skin is left nourished and feeling silky soft. Dove's unique DeepCare Complex is in each product. It's an infusion of skin-natural nutrients and rich essential oil for deep down nourishment. The whole range is a joy to use and they smell amazing. I strongly urge you give these a sniff next time you're in Boots.

The body lotions* retail for £3.99 and the body washes* are £2.99 each. I'm surprised these luxourious products are so affordable.Whether you're a morning or evening shower person, these products guarantee to add a bit of luxury to your routine!

18 May 2014

How To Try Out New Beauty Trends On a Budget

New beauty trends come around every season. Magazines and blogs are full of the newest launches and trends to try out but how do you know if a trend is going to suit you? What if you fork out £10 for a new orange lipstick only to discover you hate it? I've got a few tips on how to save money when it comes to trying out the latest beauty trends on a budget!

Friends with benefits
Have you got a beauty obsessed friend/sister/mum? Chances are they'll already have a product you're interested in getting. So next time your looking at purchasing a new product such as a primer or a serum ask around to see if anyone already has one you can test out. Plus lucky you if you have a beauty blogger friend - take advantage of their stash!
Buy highsreet
Lower end brands such as Natural Collection, MUA, e.l.f, etc.. are your best friends when trying out new trends. I recently wanted to give the white nail trend a go but didn't want to commit by splashing out on Essie 'Blanc' so instead I picked up a similar shade from Natural Collection for just £1.89! MUA do a fantastic range of lipsticks if you're wanting to try a new shade. Collection 2000 also have a good selection of eyeliners if you're looking at testing out a daring new colour.
Visit a make up counter
Make up counters can be quite intimidating places but they need not be! Take use of their beauty expertise. Maybe you're looking to rock the new blue eyeshadow trend but you have no idea how to apply it/wear it. The beauty consultants are trained at giving makeovers so are able to demonstrate how to use certain products. Get them to try out a particular trend on you before buying. Take a friend with you to for a second opinion. 
Get samples
Ready to jump on the CC cream bandwagon? Take a small tester pot into Boots or Superdrug and fill with a sample so you can go home and try out the product before buying. If you're a bit unsure about doing this, ask a customer assistant first if it's ok. You can usually buy sample pots from the travel section in Boots.
Be loyal 
If you are reading this and you don't have a Boots Advantage card - I'm very disappointed. Loyalty cards allow you to earn points so you can spend them in store. I always save mine up to buy high end items, that way if I don't like it at least it was free! Shops such as Superdrug, Debenhams and Holland & Barretts do loyalty cards.

What are your tips for trying out new trends without breaking the bank?
p.s check out my Spring/Summer 2014 makeup trend posts here and here

11 May 2014

Burt's Bees Does Lip Colour: Review

The beauty world seems to be going lip balm mad right now. Since the huge success of Maybelline Baby Lips other brands are jumping of the band wagon. Collection are launching their own range of lip balms this summer(review up soon), Benefit are also set to launch a lip balm and Burt's Bees are extending their iconic lip care range. I've been lucky enough to have been sent  some of the newest additions to the Burt's Bees range.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in 'Hibiscus' £5.99
I love a good lip balm and this new one is going in my good books. 'Hibiscus' offers a generous amount of colour, more then you would usually get from a tinted lip balm. The smooth formula helps to hydrate lips and the subtle glossy finish makes lips appear fuller.
Burt's Bees Lip Gloss £8.99
Lip gloss often gets a bad rep. It's normally associated with cheap magazine freebies, adult movies and Paris Hilton (three of life's deadly sins). I can confirm I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed wearing this. Available in 12 pearlized colours, these lip glosses are non-sticky and the natural oil formulation nourishes lips leaving them soft and shiny. However, I don't think this deserves to be the priciest product out of the bunch.
Burt's Bees Lip Shine in 'Whisper' £6.99
I didn't think I'd be a Lip Shine kinda girl but this has turned out to be my favourite out of the lot! Enriched with apricot waxes this glides smoothly over lips leaving a glassy sheen. My favourite way to use this is as a super shiny topcoat over a nude lipstick for a Bratz doll-esque pout
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in 'Peony' £5.99
This lip balm has a hint of mint which I love. The subtle shimmer creates the illusion of fuller lips and looks great layered over your favourite lipstick. The Shea butter and antioxidant enriched fruit oils help to lovingly nourish and soften lips. In term of taking care of your lips, this definitely works best out of the four.

So you've decided which one you'd like to try out but how do you know what shade to go for? Luckily, Burt's Bees have created an online Lip Shade Finder which consists of a few questions about your appearance and find the shades that would suit you best - why doesn't every brand do this?! 

9 May 2014

Sheer Cover Lash Lengthening Mascara and Lash Extending Fibres: Review

I'm forever on the hunt for that perfect mascara and love testing out new ones. The latest one to land on my desk is from mineral makeup brand Sheer Cover. These unusual Lash Extending Fibres claim to give you the longest lashes you never thought were possible and is developed with ground-breaking lash-lengthening technology.
To use you apply the Lash Lengthening mascara first then whilst that is still wet follow with a coat of the Lash Extending Fibers. Lastly, finish off with another coat of mascara taking care not to remove the fibers. The fibers are a little weird, they remind me of cotton wool a little bit. The mascara used alone works really well. It's bamboo and olive extracts help to strengthen and hydrate lashes.

Anyway back to the important stuff; does it actually work? I can say my lashes looked longer after using these two products. It does take some practice and works best when you're not in a rush but you do get good results! I'd recommend this if you have short lashes and normal mascara's aren't doing anything for you. If you're blessed with longer lashes I'd skip this and go for false eyelashes instead.

The Sheer Cover Lash Lengthening Mascara* and Lash Extending Fibers* are available online here.

Have you tired any lash extending fibers before?

6 May 2014

Best Nail varnish shades That Make You Look Tanned

Brace your tanned toes and fingers, now the sunshine has made an appearance you can't just paint on any shade. You'll want to make the most of your sun kissed glow by enchancing it with colours that will maximise your tan. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I went on holiday last week for some much needed sunshine. I posted this photo of my holiday nails and that shade made my hands look so much more tanned! 

White nails are really popular this Spring/Summer. It's one on my favourite shades to wear and looks amazing with a tan. If you're afraid it'll look like you've painted your nails with Typex opt for an affordable brand like Natural Collection so you haven't wasted a lot of money if you don't like the trend. This is a three-coater but the finish is so worth it. Shades such as orange and yellow are perfect summer colours. Bright yellow nail varnish instantly makes me feel happy, anyone else get that? Aqua blue looks so good on tanned toes. Complimenting blue on toes with coral on fingers is a match made in heaven. The pinked-up creamly coral shade from LOLA pictured above is divine, I think I've found my summer nail jam. Pastel colours aren't usually paired with dark skin but pale lilac looks incredible, one for those not a fan of bold nails.

It seems summer has finally arrived, well on my nails at least. What is your go-to shade when your skin's got a little tan?

5 May 2014

I Hate Every Foundation I Have Ever Owned

Foundation shopping is hard. Really hard. I find a foundation, try it for a few weeks and become convinced I've found 'the one' only to find out after a while I've discovered it's flaws and become disheartened with its performance. Before you know it, I am back down the make up aisle of Boots once again looking for a newer, even better replacement. The most recent break-up was with the Maybelliene Better Skin foundation which I'm still umming and arrring about.

There have been many hopefuls but I just can't commit to repurchasing. What if there is something better out there - that's the question that's always on my mind. Maybe I should try this new one/this one on offer/this one because it looks pretty.

I don't know why I'm so fussy. If you've found that foundation you're going to spend the rest of your life with I admire your commitment and bravery. I'd love to know which one you really love, if you don't mind sharing. 

Will I ever be satisfied by one foundation? The hunt continues...

4 May 2014

Best ways to re-use sh*t beauty products

For the first three days of thinking about what to include in this post I was debating whether or not I can swear on here. Can I swear on here? Oh god I'm still questioning myself! Truthfully some beauty products are just sh*t, there's no other way to put it. Have you every been disappointed with a product? Because I know I have on numerous occasions.
However just because that product doesn't work for its intended purpose doesn't mean you have to give up on it completely. So time to grab those products that are gathering dust in your bathroom cabinet and put them to good use!

Rubbish shampoo 
Shampoo shopping is hard. I've bought so many that have left me disappointed. Use unwanted shampoo as a make up brush cleaner. This is really gentle and leaves brushes super soft.
Foundation that's too dark
We've all been there. What you can do with this foundation is use it as a liquid bronzer. Place a bit under your cheekbones and around the jawline to contour with. Similarly if you have a concealer that is too light use it as a highlighter under your brow bone. 
Heavy moisturiser 
Those with oily prone skin will definitely be able to relate to this one. Face moisturisers can often be too heavy for our skin leaving a greasy residue and outbreaks. These types of moisturisers work great on dry patches such as elbows, knees and feet. 
Bad face wipes 
Face wipes aren't cheap but that doesn't mean they work. Some can irritate skin and other simply just don't remove make up very well. I like to use face wipes as regular cleaning wipes. I currently have a pack in my bathroom which I use to clean the sink! You can also use these to clean make up brushes with.
Ugly nail varnish shades
You buy a nail varnish, get home and try it out only to find it looks nothing like what it did in the bottle. Or maybe the colour just doesn't suit you? Why not great your own unique shade by mixing two colours together. All you need is a plate and a cocktail stick. Pour two shades onto the plate and mix. I did this recently with white and blue to create a very pale blue shade. No one else will be wearing the same nail varnish as you! 
Crappy Conditioner
Some conditioners leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. If you've got a conditioner that just doesn't condition try it as a shaving cream - an old beauty tip but still a good'n! You could also try using the conditioner before shampooing, I use this method if the conditioner is expensive that way I don't feel like I've wasted my money. 
Mascara that is too dry
Even after using mascara for just a couples of weeks the formula can dry up and make the product unusable. Too fix this, add a few drops of make up remover to your mascara to create a glossier, wetter formulation. 
Lip balm that doesn't work
Luckily lip balm has more than one use if you don't like the one you're using. It also makes a great eyebrow tamer and eyelash conditioner. I apply lip balm to my lashes most nights and I find it does help make them longer and feel softer. 

What are your tips for re-using sh*t beauty products? Please share your wisdom! 
P.s if you enjoyed this post I'd be over the moon if you wanted to vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards. I won't make you nominate me but it would be very nice and makes me do a happy dance. Vote here

2 May 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss: Review

A fellow beauty blogger/Youtuber launches her own make up collection - that's cool. As soon as I heard Tanya Burr had created her own range of lip glosses and nail varnishes I was intrigued to test them out. The collection consists of 12 lip glosses (some shimmery and some creamy) and 9 nail varnish shades.

I've been trialling two of Tanya's lip glosses. One pinky-nude shade called 'Afternoon Tea'* and the other is a creamy, orangey-red colour named 'Let's Travel The World'*. Firstly the packaging; the lip glosses come in a plastic tube with a black lid, nothing too exciting there. The sponge applicator is in the standard style and makes for easy application. I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented the two shades I have are. They aren't as sheer as most lip glosses and aren't overly sticky. The finish has a wet-look to it and they also have a sweet, strawberry scent to them. Although I'm not a big lipgloss lover I do really like these - good job Tanya! If you want to see what these shades look like on, head over to my Instagram.

For a highstreet product I do think this are little on the pricey side. The lip glosses retail for £6.99 and the nail varnishes £5.99. You can purchase these online at Feel Unique or at selected Superdrug Stores. 

Have you tried anything for the Tanya Burr collection? Do you want to? 

1 May 2014

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 6th Edition: Review

Back in 2012 I wrote about The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club. It's like the GlossyBox of the perfume world. Read more about it here. The gist of it is that you subscribe to this service which costs £5 and you receive a new box every quarter containing 5 fragrance samples (7 in this special edition box) plus money off vouchers for all the fragrances included in the box.

The Fragrance Shop have just released their 6th edition Discovery Club box*. Inside are 5 female and 2 male fragrances. These are Thierry Muglar Alien Extraordinaire, Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Couture, Givenchy Very Irresistible L'eau en Rose, Eau De Lacoste Sensualle, Elie Saab Le Parfum L'Eau Couture, Valentino Uomo and Loewe Solo Sport. I'm a big fan of delicate, Spring scents so I love all of the fragrances included in the box! If you're a lover of the original Thierry Muglar Alien - you have to check out Extraordinaire. Read more about each individual scent here.

The sample selection contains a few new fragrance launches which is great for perfume lovers. I think this subscription would also make a lovely gift. You can sign up here for The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box, plus you can cancel at any time! 

What are your thoughts on The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club? Is this something you would like to try? 

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