25 May 2014

Bath Vs Shower | #BeautyDebate

Soaking in an indulgent bubble bath with a new magazine in a candle lit bathroom; relaxing all your senses in preparation for some serious me-time. Or maybe a steaming shower spent singing along to Radio 1 is your idea of pamper perfection? Do you like to stew in a bath or do you prefer to jump in the shower?

I have to say I'm more of a shower person. It's quicker, uses less water and I love using refreshing shower gels. That's not to say I don't like the occasional bath. When I want a proper pamper I'll spend an hour in the bath until my fingers look like cocktail sausages and I have the whole family banging on the bathroom door (sorry guys).

I asked on twitter which you prefer, here's what some of you said! Thank you all for your tweets!

So, are you a bath or a shower person? 

#BeautyDebate it a fancy new feature i'll be posting about every Sunday. It's a place where we can chat about a beauty topic each week, some weeks will be controversial topics and others will be light-hearted like this one! Let me know if there is a particular topic you would like to see discussed. :) 

Next Sunday's #BeautyDebate | What Is Pretty To You?


  1. Great post, Kia! I'm a bath person, thanks for including my tweet :) Great series idea x

  2. Bath every time for me and when I do have a shower I end up sitting down in it anyway
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

  3. It all depends on what mood i'm in but I suppose i'm more of a shower girl, I only have 1-2 baths a week.



  4. Bath mostly, but showers for hair washing as it's harder to get shampoo in my eyes that way :P I was reading down the tweets expecting more people to say that, but apparently I'm a weird one ;)

    ~Becca // rjtmisti.blogspot.com :)

  5. Love that you have a bottle of Matey bubble bath...loved that stuff when I was a kid!

    I prefer showers because I was my hair every day and I always end up making my baths far too hot! I do like to treat myself every now and again to a bubble bath with a Lush ballistic :) x

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  6. Haha cool series! I must say I agree with a few of those tweets up there - I usually have a shower but mainly because of the convenience and quickness in the morning, but if I want to relax, it'd be a bath for sure! :) Either way, I like buying bubble bath products AND shower gels, so I'm set for either one haha

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO


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