4 May 2014

Best ways to re-use sh*t beauty products

For the first three days of thinking about what to include in this post I was debating whether or not I can swear on here. Can I swear on here? Oh god I'm still questioning myself! Truthfully some beauty products are just sh*t, there's no other way to put it. Have you every been disappointed with a product? Because I know I have on numerous occasions.
However just because that product doesn't work for its intended purpose doesn't mean you have to give up on it completely. So time to grab those products that are gathering dust in your bathroom cabinet and put them to good use!

Rubbish shampoo 
Shampoo shopping is hard. I've bought so many that have left me disappointed. Use unwanted shampoo as a make up brush cleaner. This is really gentle and leaves brushes super soft.
Foundation that's too dark
We've all been there. What you can do with this foundation is use it as a liquid bronzer. Place a bit under your cheekbones and around the jawline to contour with. Similarly if you have a concealer that is too light use it as a highlighter under your brow bone. 
Heavy moisturiser 
Those with oily prone skin will definitely be able to relate to this one. Face moisturisers can often be too heavy for our skin leaving a greasy residue and outbreaks. These types of moisturisers work great on dry patches such as elbows, knees and feet. 
Bad face wipes 
Face wipes aren't cheap but that doesn't mean they work. Some can irritate skin and other simply just don't remove make up very well. I like to use face wipes as regular cleaning wipes. I currently have a pack in my bathroom which I use to clean the sink! You can also use these to clean make up brushes with.
Ugly nail varnish shades
You buy a nail varnish, get home and try it out only to find it looks nothing like what it did in the bottle. Or maybe the colour just doesn't suit you? Why not great your own unique shade by mixing two colours together. All you need is a plate and a cocktail stick. Pour two shades onto the plate and mix. I did this recently with white and blue to create a very pale blue shade. No one else will be wearing the same nail varnish as you! 
Crappy Conditioner
Some conditioners leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. If you've got a conditioner that just doesn't condition try it as a shaving cream - an old beauty tip but still a good'n! You could also try using the conditioner before shampooing, I use this method if the conditioner is expensive that way I don't feel like I've wasted my money. 
Mascara that is too dry
Even after using mascara for just a couples of weeks the formula can dry up and make the product unusable. Too fix this, add a few drops of make up remover to your mascara to create a glossier, wetter formulation. 
Lip balm that doesn't work
Luckily lip balm has more than one use if you don't like the one you're using. It also makes a great eyebrow tamer and eyelash conditioner. I apply lip balm to my lashes most nights and I find it does help make them longer and feel softer. 

What are your tips for re-using sh*t beauty products? Please share your wisdom! 
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  1. These are great! For the bad lip balm thing I like to pick a lipstick I'm nearly out of and melt them both into a pot to make a new lipbalm :)

    Roo xx

  2. This post is amazing! Thank you so much :) I'll be checking out my stash and putting use to the shitty products xx

  3. this is such a brilliant post! I love the idea for dark foundation! xx

  4. Such a good post! I love the tip about using a dark foundation for contouring! I don't like using face wipes on my skin but like you I tend to use them to clean things like my palettes and makeup bag. xo


  5. There are some great tips here! Will definitely be adding some make up remover to an old mascara of mine!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  6. Excellent post! Taught an "old dog" some new tricks LOL

  7. Great post Kia, I do some of these already but never thought about the dry mascara! Thanks.


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  8. These are great ideas - I hadn't even thought of half of these haha!
    www.LydiaRosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  9. Great post! I was wondering about how to revive dry mascara so thanks for that :-) Also I'm glad you kept the title - it's all about the honesty! xx

  10. nice, thanks for sharing. I haven't really thought about some of the things you are suggesting but sure we need to be a little more sustainable in our consumption so that is why I think this post is super cool



  11. Love the last tip about the lip balm!


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