30 June 2014

Is This Foundation Worth £45? | Oxygenetix Review

When I was asked to review a revolutionary new type of foundation which is far more superior to any BB or CC cream, as a beauty junkie how could I say no? Even more so when I found out it was £45, I wanted to see if it was worth the high price tag.

Oxygenetix is described as the worlds most breathable foundation. It was first launched in Hollywood and makes it ways over to the UK this year. It was originally developed to heal and conceal skin after cosmetic surgery but it has become a firm favourite with leading makeup artists because of it's real skincare benefits.

What They Say
Oxygenetix claims to provide a flawless finish and it's oxygen-enriched formula allows skin to breathe more than any other foundation. It doesn't smudge, water-resistant, doesn't clog pores and camouflages surgical scars and third degree burns. The prime ingredient in the product which helps to deliver all these outstanding claims is Ceravitae a super charged oxygen complex that promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth in ageing and wounded skin. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

My Thoughts
I chose the colour Ivory which is the second lightest. It is very yellow toned and probably not quite right for my skintone but it's very hard to tell without seeing the shades first. I applied it using a flat foundation brush for maximum coverage but was left quite disappointed. As it claimed to hide third degree burns I thought it would have no problem concealing my blemishes and dark circles but the coverage was very light. Even after building it up I still need to use concealer and the coverage wasn't impressing me. However, there is a knack to apply this. In order to gain medium/full coverage you have to pat the foundation on either with a sponge or your fingers. I found Oxygenetix did cover my dark circles after applying 3-4 light layers. The texture is very gentle and light-weight on skin and doesn't look cakey. The finish is semi-matte and lasts around 8 hours.

Overall, Oxygenetix does offer full/medium coverage, I can't comment on it's healing properties. I'm not happy that you only get 15ml of product considering it's such an expensive item and you do have to use quite a lot by layering on the foundation. If you need a healing foundation post procedure and didn't mind the price tag this may be a good option for you.

Oxygenetix Foundation* RRP £45 and is available to buy online here. Available in 14 different shades. 

29 June 2014

Do People Treat You Better When You Wear Makeup?

For this week's Beauty Debate I wanted to discuss a topic which is very important to me - makeup. I feel like depending on how little or how much makeup I'm wearing, people treat me differently. If I go out bare-faced I'm guaranteed to get those you look tired/ill/hungover comments. I was born looking tired so I don't find them offensive but they do knock my confidence. I know that usually these less flattering comments are made out of concern for my well-being so I try not to take them to heart.

Thanks for social media it's seems young people nowadays are more susceptible to public criticism on the way they look. I've noticed this especially with fellow bloggers. This has resulted in a culture which is highly concerned with having the perfect appearance.

The truth is, not only do people treat me differently when I wear makeup, I feel differently. Sans concealer I feel less confident. Makeup has become my armour and I almost feel braver with a face of makeup. The right red lipstick can boost my confidence and makes me feel happier. People have such strong reactions to beauty - is this a bad thing though? When I wear a full face of makeup people seem to notice me more and I get more attention which makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't wear makeup to get attention from strangers. I wear makeup to please myself and not others.

Here's what you lovely lot had to say on twitter.
Have you found people treat you better when you wear makeup? Catch up on previous Beauty Debate topics here

27 June 2014

Simple Skincare | Kind to City Skin Giveaway! CLOSED

Simple Skincare Kind to City Skin giveaway
I'm a lover of Simple Skincare so I'm so excited to share this giveaway with you! Whenever my skin is feeling irritated by all the products I use on it  I turn to trusty Simple to bring my skin back to normal. I'm giving away a Simple Skincare goodie bag worth over £25 this week. Read on to find out why and how to enter...

About the giveaway
Stress, pollution, weather, artificial environments; all these city life factors play havoc with our skin causing sensitivity and harming our skin's health. The experts at Simple Skincare have started a Kind To City Skin Campaign to help women understand the impact that city living has on their skin. A lot of people don't realise how their everyday city lifestyle can make skin sensitive. The effects of city life can result in redness, dry patches and flakey skin. Having a good skincare routine is important to combat these effects. As sensitive skin expects, Simple is the brand you can trust to be kind to city skin. I love that Simple products contain no artificial perfumes or colours and they don't use harsh chemicals either. 

The prize
Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes// Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion// Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner// Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser// Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash// Simple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway T&C
I'm really happy to host this giveaway for you as I'm a genuine fan and user of Simple products! The competition starts today and will run for one week ending at midnight on Friday the 4th July. Open to UK residents only. Simply enter by filling out the Rafflecoptor form below. False entries will not be counted. The prize has kindly been donated by Simple. One lucky winner will be selected and announced on my Twitter @KiaMakeMeUp on July 5th.

25 June 2014

How I Use My Real Technique Make Up Brushes

real technique makeup brush uses

I'm a Real Techniques convert. After reading so many rave reviews online I just had to get my hands on some. I bought mine from Boots but I've seen them in Tk Maxx and even Asda! I've been using the brushes for about 8 months now and I wanted to share with you what I use them for. They all have specific purposes but I've completely ignored what they were designed for and use them these ways...

Expert Face Brush
Created for blending liquid or cream foundation - which it's great for! I also find it handy for cream blusher as the firm bristles help to blend. The small size makes this a good brush for contouring too.
Pointed Foundation Brush
I don't really use flat brushes for foundation any more. I do save this for mousse foundations such as Rimmel Stay Matte however what I really love this for is solid concealer like Seventeen Phoawr Paint. You can really build up coverage with this brush. Perfect for dark circle gals like me.
Buffing Brush
This makes a lovely foundation brush, it's so easy to use and foundation looks so much better. The brush size is also nice for applying powder blusher. I don't often use powder but it's also perfect for that too.
Detailer Brush
Made to use with lipstick, I really love this for concealing small blemishes. When I've got a bit of time to spend doing my make up I get all Lisa Eldridge on my face and do some pin-point concealing.
Contour Brush
I never use this for contouring as I LOVE using this to blend liquid concealer. It allows to get full coverage and helps stop concealer creasing.

How do you use you RT brushes? Do you use them what they were designed for? 

24 June 2014

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ | Review

 la roche posay effaclar duo+ review

(You know it's time to review a product when you've cut it in half.) I suffer from spot scars quite badly especially around my chin and some stay around for months, which is so frustrating! I never tried the original Effaclar Duo but I was eager to try their new and improved version.

La Roche Posay understood these stubborn spot scars can become a source of anxiety and created a product to solve this problem. The red marks left on our skin are caused by inflammation and can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 years to fade.

What Effaclar Duo+ does differently from the original is that it targets blemishes at every stage of their life cycle and is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Not only does it target blemishes, clogged pores and excess sebum; it also eliminates acne marks from the moment they start to form.

This product claims to start working in just 24 hours. I did notice after the first couple of uses my scars were visibly less red. You can use it alone or use it with a moisturiser but I chose to use it by itself morning and night. The texture is really light-weight and absorbs quickly. It has an instant soothing effect on the skin which is lovely and refreshing. I really wanted to test this out properly before sharing my thoughts. After using this for 5 weeks I have noticed my spot scars have reduced and some have completely gone. Some stubborn marks are still there unfortunately. Using this hasn't prevented me from getting breakouts but any new blemishes that have appeared haven't scarred me.

Overall, I would repurchase this product. It's very moisturising, reduces pesky spot scares and leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+* RRP £15.50 40ml. Available from Boots

Guide To The New Boots App

new Boots App for iphone
 Boots App review
 new Boots App for Android
guide to the new Boots App

I very rarely get excited about an App but you know how much I love Boots and a beauty bargain. When I first heard Boots were launching a new App I knew immediately I needed to download it. I wanted to do a little review of the features and share my thoughts as I think it's something a lot of you would be interested in!

My Offers
This is my favourite part of the App. You can find out the best instore offers, local store events, new launches and personalised offers just for you. Some of my offers included £2 off Revlon and £2 off when you spend £5 on Botanics. To get these offers you simply add the offers to your Boots card then next time you're shopping you just need to present your Advantage  card. No need for paper vouchers or your phone!
This takes you to the Boots website where you can browse products and purchase directly from your phone.
showing you your nearest store.
By scanning the barcode on an item instore you can read products reviews and find out more product information.

Link for iPhone users
Link for Andriod useers

I'm just loving this app for the personalised offers, brb just going to check out Revlon. Will you be downloading the new Boots app?

p.s this isn't a sponsored post, I just really like the new app(and shopping).

22 June 2014

What Is Your Definition of Beauty? #BeautyDebate

If you're reading this you probably have quite a strong relationship with beauty. Maybe it's part of your job, you might be a beauty blogger or you may simply enjoy using beauty products and make up. But what I want to know is - what is your definition of beauty? For me beauty is happiness and being confident and positive with the way you look. Beauty can be anything.
You may have spotted the #BeautyProject hashtag floating around twitter recently. This was a result of Selfridges hosting a variety of events in collaboration with Dove last month. The Beauty Project explored and celebrated modern beauty. This 6 week programme compiled of a series of talks, events, happenings and debates. One particular event which I found particularly inspiring was the Mirror Mirror workshop with Hollie McNish. If you're not familiar with Hollie McNish, she is a extremely talented UK poet. At this event Hollie explored our relationship with mirrors and why we feel compelled to look at them. If you wanted to hear Hollie in action click on the video below.
I really love Hollie's work, especially the video above. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Will you look in the mirror differently tomorrow morning now? 

Beauty Products I'm Scared To Use

 UK beauty blog

I tend to stay in my comfort zone when it come to all things beauty related. The other week I swapped my black eyeliner for navy blue which was pretty wild and crazy for me. You know when that's the most exciting thing you did that week you really need to get out more. So I thought it was time to break this beauty bubble I'm in. I'm going to give these scary beauty  buys a go. Who knows, I might end up enjoying it! I was also inspired by the lovely Zoe's post about her experience of trying make up items out of her comfort zone. Go give it a read here.

Urban Decay Electric Palette (review + swatches here)
Colourful eye shadow and I just don't really get along. I like to stick to my neutrals; I've never given bright eyes a chance. There is no denying this palette is beautiful. Seriously I can't stop looking at it. At first I thought I could save this for a music festival (Bestival in September YES!) or fancy dress but life is too short not to wear 5 different eye shadow shades to Tesco. Plus there are loads of really cool tutorials on YouTube for this palette!
Maybelline Brown Lipstick
Brown lipstick seems to be on trend right now. It's a staple with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Little Mix but it reminds me of that whole Spice Girls era of the 90's. Maybelline are really pushing the nude look right now. The Colour Sensationial Nudes is a 5 piece collection of creamy nudes suitable for all skin tones. I have the shade 728 Honey Beige which is a true brown shade, the kind of colour J Lo wore when she was still Jenny from the block. I'm determined to make this work. The lipstick formula is buttery and gives opaque coverage with just one swipe. Any tips for rocking a modern nude lip?
Percy And Reed Wonder Balm
We have primers for our face, even our eyelids so why not have a primer for your hair? This gel/cream is suppose to be used by applying to towl dried hair from root to tips. It claims to prep hair for styling and give it definition. However, all the looks I've seen created with this look really wet and almost greasy. I'm really unsure about trying this, I just don't think we are going to get on!  
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
Silicone based primers make me shudder. Just the thought of applying them on my face makes me feel dirty. It just feels like it's blocking my pores and doing nothing good for my skin. I did spot Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up mention her love for this so maybe I should give this a go. Anyone tried this before?

What beauty products are you too scared to use? 

19 June 2014

3 Moisturisers You Need This Summer

LUSH British Nanny Facial Moisturiser SPF 30* £26.95
Packed full of natural oils such as almond, hibicus, coconut and jojoba so it contains Vitamin C and E which are skin-loving ingredients. The formula of this is really thick, I think it would suit dry skintypes best. I love that it has a high SPF. It has a strong sun cream scent so bare that in mind if you're not a fan of that smell. I really like this but the high price tag for such a small pot puts me of purchasing. 
Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Moisturiser £16.99
Applying Vitamin C can help brighten skin and prevent ageing. This moisturiser has UVA/UVB protection which help to fight the damaging effects of the sun. I love the refreshing orange scent this has and it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. 
Simple illuminating Radiance Cream SPF 15 £7.99
Infused with multi-vitamins and light reflecting minerals. This instantly gives skin a radiant glow, it has tiny shimmer particles but it's really subtle and hardly noticeable. The moisturiser sinks into the skin really quickly and is the perfect primer for make up. 

Make sure you apply SPF first thing in the morning, but re-apply every few hours if outdoors. look for foundation with SPF if you didn't want to re-touch your moisturiser. 

18 June 2014

Glossy Red Lip Tutorial


Two posts in one day? What is this madness.
Today I've got a make up tutorial inspired by the newest addition to my fragrance collection. I know, I know, I must stop buying perfume. CK One Red Edition is a provocative and seductive scent. It has an extremely addictive fresh and fruity fragrance making it perfect for everyday wear. The bottle comes in a clear glass which is topped with a red metallic cap and comes in a glossy red box. This is a very feminine fragrance without being overly girly. It feels quite grown-up and uplifting. Composed of white amber, sensual patchouli, juicy watermelon and violet leaves to create a vibrant, intensifying blend.

I wanted the make up to look fresh like the fragrance so I've opted for a medium coverage foundation and just blusher for the base. To keep in with the powerful, feminine feel of the scent I have gone for my signature winged liner look. And to celebrate it's name, Red, I've gone for a glossy red lip for maximum impact. I have also applied some blue liner to my lower lash line to incorporate the 'electric atmosphere' the scent creates. Read on to see how I achieved the look!

1. Apply a primer to keep your base in place all day. I used the Revlon Photoready primer as it gives your skin a flawless finish in photographs. Follow by applying your favourite foundation.
2. Conceal any blemishes you may have. I used Seventeen Phoawr Paint under my eyes and on my chin where I had some redness.
3. Because you'll be wearing a bold lip, you don't want the rest of your face looking washed out. Apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow.
4. Next we're moving onto the eyes. I've filled in my brows with the Soap & Glory Archery Pen in Brownie to frame my face.
5. This look wouldn't be me without a feline flick. I've used the Seventeen Tattoo Me liner to create the winged liner. I find it best to start from the outer corner and work inwards. Go back and create a thicker line if desired. Always do the flick last and keep checking your whole face in the mirror to make sure both eyes are symmetrical!
6. Follow with lashings of mascara. I'm using the Alexa Chung Mascara for Eyeko.
7. Next, I'm using the Urban Decay Electric palette and taking the shade Chaos (bright blue) to line my lower lash line.
8. Lastly, time to get lippy. Apply red lipstick directly to your lips for an intense colour. I'm using L'oreal Colour Riche in the shade 461 which is a blue toned red. Layer on top some clear gloss to complete the look.

If you could create a make up look inspired by your favourite fragrance what would the look be? 

Urban Decay Electric Palette | Review & Swatches

So pretty. Look at all those colours. Time to hide your Naked palettes because the new Urban Decay Electric Palette is here! I've never tried anything from the brand before so was super excited to test this out. Read on for a full-on, photo heavy UD Electric palette review with swatches. 

The packaging of this palette is so pretty. The cover features a multi-coloured smoke-screen print on a black background. The packaging feels really sturdy and it has a large mirror inside. I don't normally use the brushes that come free with palettes but this double ended brush is excellent quality. 

These eye shadows are pressed pigments so the colour pay-off is extreme. I've never tried an eye shadow as intense as the 12 featured in the Electric palette. I'm so impressed with how much colour comes off with just one swipe. The formula is really long lasting too. The shades allow for 12 hour wear without creasing or fading - and that is without using a primer. The colours are a mixture of mattes and shimmer. Each one has a velvety- smooth texture which makes them easy to blend. The shades are - 
Revolt - bright metallic silver with shimmer
Gonzo - bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
Slowburn - bright red-orange matte with floating pearl
Savage - bright hot pink matte
Fringe - bright metallic teal
Chaos - bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl
Jilted - bright metallic purple with blue shift
Urban - bright metallic purple
Freak - bright green with gold shift 
Thrash - bright lime green matte

My favourite shades are Revolt, Slowburn and Fringe. I'm really impressed with the quality and pigmentation of the Electric palette. It's not cheap but it's definitely worth the price tag. I recommend you check this out in store, my photo's don't do the hypnotic colours justice. Just don't blame me if you spend 50 minutes in Debenhams staring at the colours followed by getting dragged away by security guards. 

The Urban Decay Electric Palette* (£38) is now availalbe to buy from Debenhams, Feel Unique, House of Fraser and Beauty Bay

17 June 2014

Top 5 Most Used Make Up Brushes

I know not everyone is into using make up brushes but I'm a firm believer they make your make up look so much better. Investing in good quality brushes is a must have for me. I can't believe I've been blogging for 3 years and I've never once mentioned my make up brushes. This post is long overdue but I hope you enjoy it!

The Make-Up Brush Company Eyebrow brush
I've had this brush for 3 years now (can you tell by the ingrained fluff?) but it's still going strong. My brow hair is quite long so I have to brush them everyday otherwise they look wonky. 
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I'll always use a brush to apply foundation; I prefer the finish and coverage you can achieve. This buffs foundation in so quickly and feels lovely and soft. Although I do find this hard to wash, I just can't get it back to white!
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Angled Eye Shadow Brush*
I'm not a massive eye shadow wearer but I love this brush because it does it all. Use it to swipe on colour across the whole lid or it's fluffiness makes it great for blending colour in the crease. Also, as it's slightly angled it's perfect for creating a smoky eye!
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Designed to use to contour the face but I really love using this to blend concealer. I often find that using my finger to blend in concealer actually removes make up from the area I'm patting. This brush allows for a higher coverage and a more flawless finish. I'll never apply concealer with my fingers again. This brush is only available in the core collection but I think it's well worth buying just for this! 
Japonesque Blush Brush
I wear blusher pretty much every time I put on make up and the shape of the brush is perfect for blusher. Japonesque brushes are extremely soft and enjoyable to use. The natural fibres distribute colour evenly so you can never go OTT with blusher! 

What's your most used make up brush? I'm all up for extending my collection! 

15 June 2014

Would You Go Bare-Faced? #BeautyDebate

Going out into the world completely make up free scares me. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that but being bare faced makes me feel vulnerable. I'm not as confident but more importantly I'm not as happy. Aint nobody got  time for that.
I know for some reading, you don't have this problem. Some of my friends my age don't really enjoy wearing make up and only wear it on special occasions. The main reason I wear make up is so that I feel better about myself, good make up empowers me. With a red lip I feel like I can achieve anything. I would never rock up to work sans make up. I don't think I'd look as professional, is that bad? This leads me onto another question I have - Do people treat you better when you wear make up? A topic for another #BeautyDebate I think..

I want to know your thoughts on this weeks #BeautyDebate...

13 June 2014

Hayfever Make Up Tips

Hayfever sucks. I pretty much get it all year round but it's especially bad in the summer months. So for all you fellow hayfever sufferers out there I have some really helpful make up tips to get you through all the sneezing.

1. Start off by preparing yourself for that pesky pollen. I use eye drops in the morning to stop them getting itchy and irritated. You can buy eye drops specially for hayfever such as the Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops
2. Prep the skin with a primer like the Revlon Photo Ready Primer. Layer on top the Revlon ColourStay Foundation for a long lasting base that won't budge all day. Make sure when applying foundation that you don't go right up to the lash line as will avoid irritating the eyes further.
3. For concealer, opt for a yellow based shade as it will help counteract any redness around the eyes and nose. I like the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer as it doesn't look cakey on. 
4. Next apply a creamy blusher. This is a better option over powder blush if you get watery eyes. Powder based formulas tend not to stay put as well if eyes are running. This bright pink one from KIKO is gorgeous and gives the skin a healthy flush.
5. If you're an eye liner wearer the newest addition to my make up collection is A-mazing! The Seventeen Tattoo Me liquid liner is a semi-permanent which really does not budge. Great if you have itchy eyes as you don't have to worry about rubbing them. 
6. It's also important to go for a waterproof mascara like the Collection Does it All Waterproof mascara. Just apply it to the top lashes as it can irritate the eyes if you put it on the bottom lashes. 
7. Finish with a lip product of your choice. I've gone for the Tanya Burr lip gloss in 'Let's Travel The World' which is a coral-red, perfect for summer!

There you have it - a  simple, waterproof make up look with a few tips for hayfever sufferers. Here is a really useful video with make up artist Aimee Adams on how to achieve a waterproof summer make up look. 

12 June 2014

Cooling + Refreshing Beauty Products You'll Need This Summer

It's getting hot and about time to. Humid days can play havoc with your beauty regime - taking you from greasy to creasy in minutes. As the thermometer starts rising; it's time to find ways to stay cool, refreshed and hydrated.

I've discovered a whole heap of products to help get you through the warmer months. In the summer go for products which contain soothing ingredients such as aloe and cucumber. Gel based products are nice and light-weight, stay away from heavy creams. I also like to keep these beauty bits in the fridge for extra boost of coolness!

Burts Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppermint and Rosemary Body Wash*
A cool shower combined with a rejuvenating body wash is a great way to cool down after a hot day. This minty cleansing wash leaves skin feeling smoothed and refreshed; an energising boost for body, mind and spirit.
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*
Face mists are my new favourite skincare item. This is great for soothing sun-sizzled skin. The refreshing spray leaves skin ready for the next step in your skincare routine.
Revlon Parfumerie Surf Spray
Part of the new Parfumerie range this nail polish mimics the cool shades of the sea and also has a surf spray scent.
Dr Organic Aloe Vera Body Butter
If you're suffering from sun burn reach for an aloe vera based moisturiser. This luxurious cream contains Shea Butter, sunflower oil and vitamin e.
Murine Hayfever Eye Drops*
With the British summer comes the dreaded hayfever season. I suffer really badly from it so anything to help ease symptoms i'm going to try! These drops help relieve irritation and redness. Two drops in each eye and symptoms are gone within a few minutes, although it does sting slightly at first.
Aveda Foot Relief
Don't forget about your tootsies! This herbal formula gentle exfoliates and revitalizes tired and stressed feet. The salicylic and lactic acids smooth tough skin. I like to smoother my feet in this before bed, so good after a long day on your feet.
Shu Uemura Depsea Water Lavender Mist
And my love for face mists continue. This is more of a refreshing spray than a toning spray like the Jurlique one mentioned above. This in the fridge = perfection.
Burts Bees Peppermint Lip Balm*
As you know, I'm a lip balm hoarder. I use lip balm all year round but my lips need extra attention in the summer as the sun can dry them out. This stick of minty goodness feels really refreshing and does a great job of hydrating lips.
No7  Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask
Skin tends to get dry from all the sun so it's important to keep it re-hydrated. After cleansing I apply a generous amount of this all over my face. This thick, creamy mask leaves skin super soft and smooth.

What are your must have products in the summer? 

10 June 2014

Is This a Dupe For By Terry Ombre Blackstar?

I'm a sucker for a highstreet dupe. After hearing Lily and Anna rave on about the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar I immediately added it to my mental wishlist. Then after heading onto the SpaceNK website to find out they are priced at £28 a pop my love for them lessened.

Not one to give up I marched to Boots in search for a Ombre Blackstar highstreet dupe. I was meet with the Max Factor Flipsticks which are a double ended eyeshadow stick. I wasn't too impressed with the pigmentation of these but the Revlon ColourStay Shadow Sticks were better versions with more colour pay-off but still quite different from what I was looking for. The new Seventeen EyeEye crayons look like a good budget buy. They are waterproof shadow sticks which are smooth to apply and come in 4 shades. The winner for me though were the No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define Liners.These creamy sticks are really easy to use and come in 8 wearable shades. The two I have are Black Shimmer and Gunmetal Grey. You can use these all over the lid or the tip point makes it a great eyeliner. The more natural shades in the range would be good for highlighting and using in the corners of the eyes. The formula for these are impressively long-lasting and smudge-proof.

No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define £8.00 available from Boots. 

I've got my eye on a few other shades from the range, are you a fan of these stick style eyeshadows?

8 June 2014

Are expensive beauty products worth it? #BeautyDebate

I ask myself this question all the time. I see a new product but its way out of my budget or I'll need a new foundation and consider investing in a high end product. Are expensive beauty products worth the splurge though? I definitely think it depends on the type of product. Base items such as foundation or concealer can often perform better if they are more expensive. Other items like blusher or powder I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on. Plus the Highstreet has really upped its game within the last few years. Brands such as Seventeen, Collection and Revlon are launching great products which turn into cult beauty buys. I think drugstore brands are leading the way in the beauty industry. As you know I love a good bargain and I'm a Boots gal at heart; however, there are some beauty products (EL Double Wear Light) which I'm happy to pay a bit more for because I know they really work.

I asked on twitter your thoughts on this weeks #BeautyDebate and received a really mixed response - thank you for taking part!
So what are your thoughts? 

6 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

It's very nearly Father's Day (June 15) and it's the celebration day I struggle with most. I'm always unsure of what to buy my Dad! I've decided to create a Father's Day gift guide this year to help me you decide what to buy your Dad. So whether your Dad is classic, loves his music or is into his grooming products I have something to suit him.

I absolutely love Ted Baker packaging, it's very original and always looks great in the bathroom! The Tour de Ted range pictured above is created for the modern man who likes to look after himself. You can purchase Ted Baker products from Boots and it's currently on a 3 for 2 offer. Not on the Highstreet is the online gift shop for personalised gifts. If you have a D.I.Y Dad he'll love this personalised hammer.  One for all those classic Dad's out there - a fragrance that dates back more than 200 years. The Woods of Windsor scent is inspired by orange groves and spices. It also has subtle hints of nutmeg and clove combined with base notes of oakmoss and patchouli. Maybe your Dad fancies himself as a bit of a chef or maybe he's a music lover; guitar salad servers from Urban Outfitters are such a unique gift idea, I've not seen anything like these before! I don't think you can go wrong with a book on Father's day, I spotted this one on Amazon which I thought would be perfect for my Dad. Drink More Whiskey is a book about all things whiskey from it's origin to it's difference in quality.

Let me know what you're getting your Dad and if you have any nice plans :)

p.s have you had a go at guessing what nail polish I'm giving away for a chance to win it? GO GO GO!

3 June 2014

COLLECTION launch Mardi Gras Summer range | Review

COLLECTION is a Highstreet makeup brand I've been a fan of for years. Their cult Lasting Perfection Concealer will alway be a repurchase for me and I'm currently loving their Creme Puff lip products.

This summer sees the launch of their new Mardi Gras collection. The range is inspired by the spirit of Rio and the tropics of the Amazon. As you can see by the vibrant colours, the range is very tropical themed which ties in nicely with the World Cup and is bang on trend this summer. The collection consits of six pieces set to bring a bit of carnival spirit to your summer.

The three nail polish shades include White Out, Canary Yellow and Green with Envy. Each colour is perfect for summer and all look great with a tan. The white shade can be a bit streaky with one coat but looks great with 2-3 coats. The yellow is a little darker then I'm used to and I don't usually wear green varnish but these shades are really wearable.

Lip balms aren't usually a product you accosiate with COLLECTION. These scented lip balms are super hydrating and come in three different flavours including strawberry, orange and green apple. For just £1.99 these are a bargain. The fun and colourful packaging makes these easier to find in my handbag too!

The Mardi Gras range* from Collection is available from June in Superdrug stores and online. Everything featured above is £1.99.

2 June 2014

#GUESSTHEPOLISH Mystery Nail Polish Giveaway CLOSED

Want to win some nail polish? Well, I have an unusual giveaway for you lovely lot today. I've been sent a un-branded gel nail polish to test out and giveaway. All you have to do to be in a chance of winning the above polish is simply guess what brand it is!
I'll be giving away the new gel nail polish featured above, don't worry not that exact one! This creamy, classic red nail polish has a gel formula which is extremely long lasting. After 8 days wear I only had minor chips on a few nails - very impressive as I didn't use a top coat! I wouldn't giveaway a product I didn't love and I'm seriously over-whelmed with how good this gel nail polish is.
You can enter by commenting on the post below, tweeting me on twitter or leave a comment on my Instagram. You can enter a maximum of 3 times a day and the giveaway will end on June 9 at Midnight. Open to UK residents only. Winner will be picked at random from the correct entries and will be notified on Tuesday 10 June.
I'll be posting 3 clues about what brand this is so make sure you're following me on twitter and Instagram for a a better chance of winning! The first clue is: This nail polish is a British beauty brand. Clue #2 will be posted on my Twitter on Wednesday and clue #3 will be posted on my Instagram on Friday.

Good luck guessing everyone :) 

1 June 2014

#WhatIsPretty to you? #beautydebate

Oh Beyoncé I didn't think I could love you any more but then you go and do this.
Beyonce recently asked on Instagram to her army of followers to share photo's of what their perception of beauty is using the #WhatIsPretty hashtag. The campaign created a social media storm with nearly 40,000 people posting their photos. There is now a website full of inspirational images and videos. There are some really beautiful images on there, take a look for yourself here. The overall theme very much seems to be about love but after all isn't love, family, friendship beautiful? It's so refreshing to see these moving images, the #WhatIsPretty hashtag is an instant pick me up! Although this campaign may have been created to help promote her new single 'Pretty Hurts' I'm all for influential women in the media expressing the truth. Good on you B! I don't think beauty should define us. Beauty does not bring you happiness, discovering who you are does.

How do you define pretty? What does it mean to you?  

Next Sunday's #BeautyDebate | Are Expensive Beauty Products Worth It?

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