29 June 2014

Do People Treat You Better When You Wear Makeup?

For this week's Beauty Debate I wanted to discuss a topic which is very important to me - makeup. I feel like depending on how little or how much makeup I'm wearing, people treat me differently. If I go out bare-faced I'm guaranteed to get those you look tired/ill/hungover comments. I was born looking tired so I don't find them offensive but they do knock my confidence. I know that usually these less flattering comments are made out of concern for my well-being so I try not to take them to heart.

Thanks for social media it's seems young people nowadays are more susceptible to public criticism on the way they look. I've noticed this especially with fellow bloggers. This has resulted in a culture which is highly concerned with having the perfect appearance.

The truth is, not only do people treat me differently when I wear makeup, I feel differently. Sans concealer I feel less confident. Makeup has become my armour and I almost feel braver with a face of makeup. The right red lipstick can boost my confidence and makes me feel happier. People have such strong reactions to beauty - is this a bad thing though? When I wear a full face of makeup people seem to notice me more and I get more attention which makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't wear makeup to get attention from strangers. I wear makeup to please myself and not others.

Here's what you lovely lot had to say on twitter.
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  1. I'm 100% sure i'm treated different with makeup. I've been in a number of situations, on a train without a ticket (I thought you could buy them on the train oops) for an example but there has been much worst instances. On all these occasions I've got off completely Scott free but i'm certain that I wouldn't have if i'd been less dressy that on those days.
    It's crazy what makeup can do and how biased people can be!

  2. I think people definitely treat me differently when I'm wearing make-up. Sometimes it can be a bit of surprise like, ' wow your skin's looking really nice' or 'your looking lovely today'. I think it pushes me to wear more make-up, more often because I worry what people might think/ say. I think this also comes from already being insecure about my skin because I used to suffer with acne. x

  3. I don't care how people think of me in general, and I don't think anyones treated me differently when I don't wear make up, just I get more compliments saying oh your eye shadow looks nice today etc

  4. I think it depends. Situations and people are all different and it really depends what it is at the time. I don't always wear makeup as I'm lazy but I think it can make such a difference in the way people treat you, especially if you work in (for example) retail. I used to, and we didn't HAVE to wear makeup but a friend worked in a different shop and she was contracted to wear makeup. Thats how crazy it was!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. Thank you for using my comment, Kia! I love this topic and love that you addressed it so well :) xx

  6. I have a bit of a baby face so when I wear make up I find that I get treated more seriously than if I go bare faced haha. This is a really interesting question! xx

  7. About a year ago I started noticing that I wouldn't leave my house without makeup on, not even to go to the doctors.
    Since then I've made a real conscious effort to go without makeup a couple days a month.
    With extremely pale skin, hereditary eye bags and shocking pores, it was pretty difficult at first.
    But after a while I got used to walking around town and things with no makeup on at all. It was quite a revelation to me that most people really didn't care what I looked like. And if they did give me funny looks, I'd remind myself that I'd probably never see them again anyway.
    I think for your own self esteem, we all need to be pushing ourselves out of our makeup comfort zones every now and then.

    Meghan xx


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