22 June 2014

What Is Your Definition of Beauty? #BeautyDebate

If you're reading this you probably have quite a strong relationship with beauty. Maybe it's part of your job, you might be a beauty blogger or you may simply enjoy using beauty products and make up. But what I want to know is - what is your definition of beauty? For me beauty is happiness and being confident and positive with the way you look. Beauty can be anything.
You may have spotted the #BeautyProject hashtag floating around twitter recently. This was a result of Selfridges hosting a variety of events in collaboration with Dove last month. The Beauty Project explored and celebrated modern beauty. This 6 week programme compiled of a series of talks, events, happenings and debates. One particular event which I found particularly inspiring was the Mirror Mirror workshop with Hollie McNish. If you're not familiar with Hollie McNish, she is a extremely talented UK poet. At this event Hollie explored our relationship with mirrors and why we feel compelled to look at them. If you wanted to hear Hollie in action click on the video below.
I really love Hollie's work, especially the video above. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Will you look in the mirror differently tomorrow morning now? 

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  1. I never used to see myself as beautiful, and don't get me wrong i don't 'love myself' now in an arrogant way but I definitely look at myself differently in the mirror, I take much more pride in myself and it's meant that I'm much, much happier!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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