1 June 2014

#WhatIsPretty to you? #beautydebate

Oh Beyoncé I didn't think I could love you any more but then you go and do this.
Beyonce recently asked on Instagram to her army of followers to share photo's of what their perception of beauty is using the #WhatIsPretty hashtag. The campaign created a social media storm with nearly 40,000 people posting their photos. There is now a website full of inspirational images and videos. There are some really beautiful images on there, take a look for yourself here. The overall theme very much seems to be about love but after all isn't love, family, friendship beautiful? It's so refreshing to see these moving images, the #WhatIsPretty hashtag is an instant pick me up! Although this campaign may have been created to help promote her new single 'Pretty Hurts' I'm all for influential women in the media expressing the truth. Good on you B! I don't think beauty should define us. Beauty does not bring you happiness, discovering who you are does.

How do you define pretty? What does it mean to you?  

Next Sunday's #BeautyDebate | Are Expensive Beauty Products Worth It?

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  1. Great post! My perception of what's pretty has been changed a heck of a lot in the last year - even someone without hair and with a serious illness can be beautiful, if their personality allows them to shine even more than before they were ill x


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