14 July 2014

22 Blog Post Ideas

blog post ides
We all have those moments when we loose our blogging mojo and have no idea what to write about. I get it a lot and now I've set myself the challenge to blog everyday in July I definitely need some inspiration. Here are 22 blog post ideas if you need a helping hand!

1. 3 bloggers I read daily
2. Why I became a blogger
3. Products not worth the hype
5. 6 products I couldn't live without
6. Things I've learnt since starting a blog ( SEO/beauty tips/about yourself)
9. Who to follow on Twitter
10. Most re-purchased products
11. Beauty wishlist
12. Beginners guide to natural beauty products
13. Best highstreet nail polish brands
14. How to find your personal, everyday makeup look
15. How I clean my makeup brushes
16. Everyday beauty essentials
17. Best beauty advice I've ever heard
18. How I'm going to make the most of Summer
19. 20 different uses for Vaseline (go on I challenge you!)
22. Leave your blog post idea in the comments below!

I hope you liked at least one of the ideas above and it's inspired you to get writing. A few of the posts are linked to ones I've written so have a nosey at those. How do you find inspiration for what to talk about?

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  1. great post ,really like it:)So helpful:))

    keep in touch xoxo

  2. Saving this! Always needing ideas! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. This post was really helpful! :)


  4. Love it! Was so helpful and so many original ideas! Thanks

  5. Good idea! i think I might do the perfume inspired makeup one!


  6. Great post.
    If you had animals you could a how to care for them
    L x

  7. I just e-mailed myself this list to go over later - these are all amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing.


  8. It is a common problem of bloggers, thanks for the list.
    Beauty Products

  9. So helpful! Thank you! Here is another idea : 20 facts about me!


  10. This was so helpful! Definately going to use some of these as i'm a new blogger


  11. One blog post I love but don't quite dare to do is "a letter to my younger self". I would love to go back in time and give myself some advice so I would spend less time worrying about silly things!! Loved this blog post lots of lovely ideas.

    Fae | SodaBerries


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