20 July 2014

Best Beauty Advice You've Ever Heard

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What is the best beauty advice you've ever heard? Was it some words of wisdom from your Mum? Did you learn from your big sisters mistakes? Maybe it was something you saw on Pinterest? Whatever it is, I want to know.

The best beauty advice I can give you is to do more of what makes you happy. Whether that be wearing bright lipstick, an indulgent pamper evening or being bare-faced do it now, like right now. Anything that perks you up and gives you an inner boost of confidence instantly makes you feel and look beautiful.

My mum's beauty tip would be to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. My nan would say don't over pluck your brows. My Dad would say to get more fresh air. And my Granddad would say get that rouge off your face, Kia.

So, leave your beauty advice in the comments below so we can all share our tips and tricks!


  1. The best beauty advice that I've ever got was to not rub my wrists together when applying perfume, because it breaks it down and it won't last as long.

    1. I didn't know this! Definitely going to stop doing that now...

  2. Don't over pluck your brows is such good advice. My mum always told me to make sure I blended my foundation down my neck - so I didn't end up looking like I was wearing a mask

  3. My mum's was to moisturise your neck as that is one of the first places to age x

  4. Totally agree, makeup is an expression so def do what makes YOU happy :) I got some great tips from a Nars makeup artist on Friday, which I've posted here x

  5. Love XO

  6. I am a big lover of the double cleanse - first cleanse to get off surface dirt and makeup, then the second cleanse to remove the dirt and impurities underneath xx

  7. Make sure to check your makeup in natural light - you can apply your make up in a room with lights on but the minute you go into natural light it could be completely different - the foundation and bronzer application could be way too dark!

  8. Less is more!! The less you apply, the more you can build on it if you really need to :-) xx



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