28 July 2014

How Not To Buy Makeup You Don't Need

We all like to buy stuff, especially stuff we don't really need. My weakness is beauty products. I'd much rather spend my wages in Boots than Topshop. All these special offers, new trends and new products are all too tempting and I get forced into buying more makeup. I've come up with some tips on how not to buy makeup you don't need, because you really don't need another pink lipstick.

1. Do you not usually wear this item? If you're buying eyeshadow which you never wear, why?
2. If it's a highend purchase have you read some reviews on it first? I normally do this before purchasing any beauty product.
3. Would you still want the product if it came in clear, plain packaging?
4. Are you going to get a lot of use out of it?
5. Do you already own a similar item? I own around 453 mascaras, someone stop me from buying more.
6. Are you really buying that new lipstick 'for the blog' or are you simply feeling spendy?
7. Would you have bought it full price if they weren't having a 15% off sale?
8. Next time you're popping to Boots write down a shopping list and try stick to it.
9. Write down everything you've bought so you can keep tally of your spending.

I'll be keeping these in mind next time i'm out shopping. What are your tips?


  1. I'm quite good at stopping myself because I run on a budget (a very small one!!) so I always ask myself before I buy something.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  2. If there is a sale or big discount I usually can't help myself!

  3. Such good tips - I definitely, definitely need to start doing this! I am hopeless in Boots, and always picking up odds and ends that I really don't need...

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

  4. When it comes to beauty I'm always on a budget so I have some tips to not buy too much xx

  5. I get paid weekly and limit myself to two items per pay day :)


  6. I'm trying to use up the products I have to help me save for going to New York in November, and I have a huge spreadsheet with pretty much every product I have bought/been given in the last year, what I spent on it etc. The thought of having to put any beauty purchases into the spreadsheet is often enough to put me off buying something and I've found my spending has dropped loads since I started doing that.

  7. I'm totally guilty for falling for nice packaging. Great tips!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  8. I love the benefit they're real mascara! :) xx Tilsie (Tilsie.blogspot.se)

  9. I'm exactly the same! I can't help myself. I own way too much makeup and would rather spend my money in Boots than Topshop. Great post, i'll keep these tips in mind. :)


  10. My spending got so bad in Boots, I began taking a bus on a morning that would require me to walk for longer so that I didn't have time to go in :) it works! I no longer go in every morning!

    Danniella x

  11. This is such a great post idea! I'm so awful for buying beauty products... I'm trying to implement a one-in-one-out system but it's so hard when there's so many amazing beauty products out there!


  12. Great tips! Having lived in my own house for awhile now and being on a budget, I'm quite good with the "do I really need it?" scenario, but I do fall down sometimes!! xx

  13. Fab tips! Just what I needed. Love your blog. X



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