10 July 2014

How To Adjust Your Skincare Routine For Summer

It's about to get real hot and sticky up in here. Whether you're spending the summer by a pool in Malta, sight-seeing in Amsterdam, camping in the Lake District or sunbathing in your garden you need to adjust your summer skincare. I've compiled a list of tips and product recommendations for summer skin so you can enjoy the warmer weather whilst rocking healthy skin.

It goes without saying you need to wear sun protection in the summer. If you're not already layering under your usual moisturiser opt for a moisturiser which contains SPF. I'm using the Avene Light Hydrance Optimale* which has factor 20 protection. The light formula is perfect for summer when my skin is slightly oilier. 
Double face mask
SPF can clog pores so it's important to cleanse skin thoroughly. After double cleansing in the evening it's time to double face mask. start off by using a clay mask like the Good Things Five Minute Facial to draw out impurities. After rinsing off, follow with a hydrating mask like the No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask for replenishment. I do this once a week in the summer. 
Matt Moisteriser
If your skin is getting oilier in the warmer months consider switching to a lighter, mattifying formula. The Witch Mattifying Moisturiser provides 24 hour hydration whilst keeping shine at bay. It also contains SPF 15 - yay!
Refreshing Mist
Facial mists are my weakness. All I want in life is to be sunbathing on a boat in St.Tropez with a lovely, bearded man by my side spraying my face with La Roche-Posay Thermale Spring Water on the hour,every hour. Back to reality - facial mists are great for refreshing and soothing summer skin. A few spritzes of this pre-moisturization and my skin is left balanced and hydrated. 
how to adjust your skincare for summer

Hopefully these tips will make your summer skincare routine a breeze. What are your plans for summer, anything exciting?

*illustration by me


  1. I have to invest in some facial mists. I keep saying I will but I haven't yet.

  2. This was super helpful, great post :)


  3. your illustrations are beautiful!! xx

  4. Such a lovely and helpful post! The illustrations are beautiful and I was wondering how you made them!


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