11 July 2014

Makeup Tips for Red, Irritated Eyes

makeup tips for red eyes
Hayfever, tiredness, allergies or maybe you just watched The Fault In Our Stars - whatever the reason for your red eyes here are some helpful makeup tips to camouflage that redness.

- Firstly, irritated skin can often get dry so it's important to use an eye cream. This will also help concealer go on better and avoid it looking cakey. Look for one suitable for sensitive skin so it won't irritate eyes further.

- Don't go heavy with concealer. Gently pat on a yellow toned concealer like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Corrector which will help counteract redness. Don't forget to apply it all over the eyelid too.

- Apply a light coloured eyeshadow across the whole eyelid, this will conceal out the redness.

- Line the waterline with a nude coloured eyeliner, this looks more natural than white and helps brighten the eyes. I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Liner in Nude.

- Similarly use a shimmery, cream eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes. This instantly makes your eyes look more awake. I'm using the Glo & Ray Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Liner* in Champagne Pink.

- Wearing blue/green eyeshadow can help to brighten the whiteness of your eyes. These colours also cancel out redness, just go lightly!

- If you also suffer with watery eyes you'll want a mascara that won't end up on your chin. The No7 Stay Perfect Mascara is smudge proof, sweat proof and tear proof- it really does not budge! I'd really recommend this if you suffer from watery eyes.

I hope these red eye makeup tips help, what are your must-have products for concealing redness?


  1. I've been suffering with watery eyes lately (not sure why as I've never had hat fever or anything before) so perfect timing on this post for me! Great tips, thanks xx

    Meet Me On My Sofa

  2. Waterproof mascara is definitely a must! At the moment though it's been so bad, naked eyes have been the way forward! Just wanted to say you have a great blog too- been reading it all morning :)


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