31 July 2014

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Persperant Deodorant Review

Cor Blimey it's hot. We aren't use to this kinda heat in the UK. I've been rocking a SULA (sweaty upper lip alert) for the past week but thanks to the Sure Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant my armpits have been as dry as my mum's roast potatoes.

I picked this up from Boots because my usual go to (Mitchum) just wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed something to battle the British Summer so I could leave the comforts of my cool bedroom before 7pm. I was intrigued by it's unusual design and 48 hour claims.

The antiperspirant has a creamy consistency and twists up through holes at the top of the product. I found you really only need to use a little bit because it goes a long way. It dries within 60 seconds so you can get on with more interesting stuff. Sure recommend you apply this at night-time before going to bed but sometimes I forget and just apply it in the morning.

I found the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant really does stop sweat. If I've used it the night before I wake up with completely dry underarms and no sweat odor. This really does last 48 hours but in really intense heat or after a workout I'd apply this once a day.

I would definitely recommend this deodorant if you're wanting to keep the sweat away and your normal deodorant isn't doing the job. I would repurchase this when it runs out.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant  £5.20 available at Boots.

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