12 July 2014

Weird Mascara Wands

weird mascara wands

What ever happened to a good old mascara brush? I feel like mascara wands are getting odder and odder. Who comes up with these crazy designs? Remember that Bourjois mascara which rotated or the Givenchy wand with a massive ball on the end. And have you seen the Upside Down Mascara from Sephora - now that's crazy. However, all these are still not as weird as the first ever mascara which resembles a mini toothbrush.

You see all these beauty brands launching new wand design every month which claim to be the next best thing but I always wander, does it even matter what the brush looks like? Isn't it more to do with the formula than the wand? 


  1. The formula is definitely more important to me than the wand, I couldn't really care what it looks like, great post, it was really interesting :)


  2. I think it's a mix of the wand & formula that makes the mascara a success or not. It's fun to see what wands they come up with though. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼


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