4 August 2014

15 Tips For Blogging Everyday

Last month I took on the challenge to blog every single day. I've never attempted to do anything like it before, I normally post about 9-13 times a month. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it and find out just how hard it would be.
Fast forward 30 days and I survived it! I now have a new found respect for daily bloggers and hope to continue blogging once a day throughout August. I picked up some tips along the way which you might find helpful if you're also wanting to blog everyday. 

1.Take your photos in bulk. My day off is usually on a Sunday so I grab all the products that are going to be featured on the blog soon and get snapping. 
2. Use Pinterest to pin the posts you have loved reading and look back on them when you need some inspiration. 
3. Keep a little notebook with you and write down any post ideas. Getting a notebook has been the best thing for my blog. 
4. Plan your posts for the week. I have a dairy where I plan the majority of my posts for the upcoming week. Some days I leave blank so I have the freedom to write about something spontaneous. 
5. Have 2-3 backup posts for days when you've forgotten to create any content or if you're stuck for what to write about that day. I have a couple of product reviews in drafts which I can publish whenever I need to.
6. Read blogs/magazines/books for inspiration. I spend about an hour each evening reading my favourite blogs and websites and writing down any blog post ideas. 
7. If you're unsure what to write about I wrote a list of 22 blog post ideas which may help. 
8. If like me you work as well as blog you might find scheduling your posts useful. 
9. Don't forget you can schedule tweets too. I rarely do this but when I do I'll use Hootsuite. 
10. When there is no wi-fi or 3G keep a notebook on hand so you can write blog posts. I'll write up whole posts on the train or on my lunch break and type them up on blogger when I get home. 
11. Switch up what you write about. Talking about beauty everyday can get a little boring so throw in some lifestyle or fashion posts! 
12. Be extra organised and plan a month in advance. You don't have to plan every post but jot down a few ideas for next month.
13. Stress can be good as it keeps you on your toes but don't put pressure on yourself to write everyday. It isn't doable for everyone so try it for a month and see how you get on. 
14. Having a blogging timetable helps to fill the week with content. Tuesdays could be review days and Fridays could be saved for tutorials. 
15. Create a series so you have something regular to write about each week. My series is called #BeautyDebate which I post about every Sunday. 

I hope you found these blogging tips helpful. I'd love to know if you've tried blogging everyday and what your tips are! 

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  1. I used to blog everyday (when I had more time!) but I'd always take photos in bulk and keep a list. And SCHEDULE!! Best thing I'd say!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Agreed, bulk photos are the way forward!

  2. Id fail at trying to blog everyday

  3. Good good tips thank you.
    I'm not sure if blogging every day would help or hinder my blog.
    What did you find stats wise?

    1. Hello :) good question! I found last month my stats doubled, I didn't think it would make such a huge impact but it really did! Now my stats haven't changed much since so I don't think blogging everyday will be that beneficial in the long run but I'll do it for another month then continue blogging 5 days a week. Worth trying for a bit :)

  4. I've book marked this - I really want to try blogging more, I'm usually about 3/4 times a week but since I've been making YT videos too it takes up so much time! These tips will definitely help me be more organised - love your other post with the ideas too! xxx

    http://www.maisymeow.com/ (I have a giveaway running too!)

    1. Respect for doing YT and blogging must be hard work!

  5. This was really helpful, I don't post everyday, only twice or three times as I find it hard to post with college and a job. I've written up a huge bulk of posts though so that when I got back to college I don't have to worry about it :)


    1. So much easier to blog in the summer when there is no college to worry about. Good idea to write in bulk :)

  6. I started blogging daily about halfway through July but I honestly think that a good schedule, (my new one for August is Tue - Thur - Sun) is much better for your blog. I feel like too frequent posts scare off readers and important posts weren't featured for enough time to be recognized. Anyway, that are just my thoughts!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Really good points Elina, I definitely think a lot of my readers miss out on content because new stuff is published so often. Might have to try your schedule!

  7. Definitely want to try blogging everyday for a month... maybe when I have more time. Thank-you for the tips!

    Michelle xo

  8. Thanks for a helpful post! Love the idea about taking pics in one go. Will be trying it out :)

    Zahra | www.iamchiclondon.com

  9. your planner is from personal planner isn't it! i swear by them i have the planner and the note book, they are life savers!

  10. Thanks for this post. It's very helpful :) I'll have to take photos on my days off!

    Aissa // Layer It Up

  11. This is so helpful. I definitely need to get myself a notebook, it could be a life saver! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Alice x {My Beauty Blog}

  12. Great tips - thank you for sharing :) xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

  13. I rarely do this but I generally bookmarked this post so I can always go back and read it! Very helpful, thank you doll:)

    My blog is http://www.vavaviolet.com/ and my YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/vavaviolett/videos x

  14. love this post girl , really helps


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