1 August 2014

7 Tips To Help Prolong Fake Tan

how to prolong your tanhow to prolong your tan
My fake tan game goes up a notch in the summer. I stop just tanning the body parts that are going to be on show and go for a full body tan. I've tried a lot of different self tanners and have had enough cringey experiences to be able to share with you some tips. Here are a few ways you can prolong your fake tan.

- Apply your tan using a mitt as it will help to buff the tan into your skin for a deeper colour. Use small circular motions.
- The morning after tanning take a shower to remove excess and even out the colour.
- Avoid harsh shower gels that dry the skin out and strip away your tan.
- Take lukewarm showers as hot water will cause your tan to fade faster.
- The day after fake tanning apply a moisturiser paying attention to dry areas such as elbows. This will help seal in the colour. Do this step daily.
- Use an exfoliator specially designed for using with fake tan. This will allow the tan for fade evenly without it going streaky.
- Your face tends to lose colour quicker than your body so keep a bronzer on hand and use a gradual tanner on your face to keep it topped up.

Are you pro-fake tan like me? Share your tan tips below!


  1. Great blog & tan prolonging tips! Tan accelerating products can also prolong your tan too.

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  2. Great tips :) xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com


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